Champagne and Sparkling Wine: What to buy for the perfect Aussie Christmas

Christmas presents for your loved ones? Check.

Christmas ham in the fridge? Check.

Seafood ordered? Check.

Bought your bubbly? Oops.

Don’t fret. If you need a quick and easy guide to buying good bubbly, we have you covered. We’ve unearthed the best deals for Christmas no matter what your budget is.

Some of the bottles below normally sell for a much higher price — so be sure to take advantage of these low prices before it’s too late.

$10 and under

Given the volume of drinks you may need to host Christmas, drinks at this price point are a great way to go. These drinks are perfect for work functions too. You’ll be surprised how good some of these are…

$10 to $15

$15 to $20

$20 to $30

All the wines in this group make great gifts for friends and loves ones.

The top end

If you want to go all out (and why not — it is Christmas!) these are the best deals we’ve found:

To ensure you don’t miss out on these deals we strongly recommend ordering online. For those in regional Australia, it may be too late for home delivery in time for Christmas, so your best option is to buy online and collect the order from your local store.

Merry Christmas!

Tue 12 Dec 2017, 10:37pm

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