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Huge news for lovers of premium Australian wines. We’re now tracking wine prices at Langton’s, one of Australia’s leading sellers of Australian fine wines.

Prices at Langton’s don’t change often, but their prices are consistently lower than other retailers of fine wine. (Even the mighty Dan Murphy’s struggles to beat Langton’s prices.)

Langton’s are known for their innovative “Classification of Fine Wine” which is the ultimate guide to Australia’s best wines.

Langton’s classify wines under three categories: “Excellent”, “Outstanding” and “Exceptional”. 134 wines are represented in total and South Australian wines dominate the list with 73 entries.

Wines classified “Excellent” by Langton’s

These are high performing wines of exquisite quality with solid volume of demand.

Wines classified “Outstanding” by Langton’s

These are benchmark quality wines with a very strong market following.

Wines classified “Exceptional” by Langton’s

These are the most highly sought-after and prized first-growth type Australian wine on the market.

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Sun 18 Mar 2018, 9:00pm

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