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Dubonnet Rouge Aperitif - Related products

Bigallet Bellambre Amer

Bigallet Bellambre Bitter Amer 700mL, 18% Abv. A naturally strong bitter liqueur with hints of herbs and citrus. For its production, citrus peel is distilled and macerated with more than 10 different roots and plants. Fruity top notes with very strong citrus aromas (mandarin, orange etc.). Nice bitterness on the finish brought by the gentian and the quinine.

Dolin Aperitif Bonal

Convent recipe 1869 infusion of Cinchona & Gentian root in a Mistelle

Vedrenne Pages Aperitif Le Birlou (Chestnut & Apple)

Vedrenne Pages Elie-Arnaud Denoix Le Figuier (Fig)

Alcoholic Strength: 17% Content: 700ml Area of Origin: Burgundy Producer: Vedrenne. Vedrenne has been making its liqueurs since 1923 in Nuits-Saint-Georges, in the heart of Burgundy in the middle of the burgundian orchards. The company initially won recognition with the outstanding quality of its Crème de Cassis. In addition to classic fruit liqueurs, Vedrenne produces more than 30 other coktail liqueurs with the same motto: excellence!

Ricard Aperitif

First created by Paul Ricard in Marseille, 1932 it has distinct fresh taste of liquorice and subtle Provence herbs. Aged in large barrel in the open air a slight 'sea-side' flavour is imparted by the salt spray that licks the barrels.

Lillet Rouge Aperitif Non-Vintage

Lillet Rouge Aperitif was first created in 1872. This French aperitif bings a ruby coloured alternative to the traditional white with a combinator of citrus liqueurs from bitter green apple, orange peels, quinine and spices blended with Merlot wine from Bordeaux. Strong aromas of spices and ripe berries with a supple and long, lingering finish.

Byrrh Grand Quinquina Violet Freres Aperitif

Byrrh Grand Quinquina is made to the original late-19th century recipe that earned worldwide fame and inspired fifty years of evocative poster art. Byrrh combines a generous, port-like wine and mistelle base with a firm backbone of natural quinine to produce a fruity, refreshing aperitif by itself, with tonic and a twist, or paired with blue cheese. In cocktails, Byrrh mixes well with vodka, gin, cognac, tequila, Irish whiskey, and grapefruit. Delicious in a Negroni as your sweet vermouth.

Pampelle Ruby Aperitif

The French have the perfect word for the moment between the sun falling and the moon rising, L'Apéro. They also have the perfect drink for it too! Pampelle Ruby Aperitif was crafted on the banks of the River Charente. An artisanal infusion of natural botanics, maceration of citrus peels, Eau de Vie together with star ruby grapefruit from the Mediterranean island of Corsica.

Pernod Ricard Byrrh Aperitif

A wine-based aperitif, Byrrh has the specific characteristic of being flavoured with quinine. Its alcohol content is 18°. The basic grapes, mainly the Carignan and Grenache varieties from the hillsides of Roussillon, are transformed into mistelles (partly fermented grape juice), which are then blended with selected dry red Roussillon wines. Byrrh is drunk as an aperitif. It is best served cool, at approximately 16°, and goes well with a twist of lemon zest or a little Crème de Cassis.


A unique aperitif that combines rich, sweet fortified wine, herbs, spices and quinine. A heady combination that can be chilled and served before a meal or left at room temperature for an after dinner treat.