Smirnoff Pure Passionfruit, Lime & Soda

Smirnoff Pure is made out of just vodka & natural ingredients with nothing to hide. Its a clean & fresh taste, without being too sweet. Smirnoff Pure Passionfruit, Lime & Soda tastes of juicy passionfruit pulp, sweet tropical flavour, crisp and clean citrus, & has a sparkling finish on the palate.

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Ruski Lemon

Lemon Ruski - One of the true original premix's and still going strong. With it's clean genuine lemon taste mixed with triple distilled Vodka, Lemon Ruski is still your go to refreshing drink perfect for the warmer weather.

Vodka Cruiser Black Guava

Vodka Cruiser Black Guava has an exciting new look. A delicious mix of triple distilled genuine Vodka and Guava flavours, this is perfect for sharing.

Love Can Vodka, Yuzu & Soda

Vodka Lime & Soda - Australias most unpopular, popular drink. Fortunately, Love Can swapped out the lime with fresh Japanese yuzu juice and paired it with a custom-made apple & chamomile distilled vodka adding crisp, sweet undertones, without the extra calories that could eventually lead to losing followers on Instagram. With no added sugar just soda, vodka and a twist of yuzu this is the same pub classic you grew up with, only now its delicious. All natural and no added sugar. Lovingly distilled in Sydney by Poor Toms 

Vodka Cruiser Zesty Lemon-Lime

Lemon and Lime are classic mixing flavours and Vodka Cruiser have harnessed their thirst busting characteristics perfectly here in the new Zesty Lemon Lime premix. Produced along side genuine triple distilled Vodka, this delicious mix is perfect for casual afternoons with great friends.

Smirnoff Ice Red

Smirnoff Ice Red can is a light citrus flavoured Vodka mixer that is refreshing on those hot summer days.

Vodka Cruiser Wild Raspberry

Wild Raspberry indeed! Bold lashings of ripe Raspberry are thrown together with Vodka Cruiser's trademark premium triple distilled Vodka to produce one of the great refreshing drinks. If you were a fan of the 'old' Raspberry Cruiser, you are going to be blown away with their latest offering.

Vodka Cruiser Juicy Watermelon

Delicious juicy watermelon flavours combined with Vodka Cruiser's trademark premium triple distilled Vodka combine to make a subtle yet juicy flavoured, extremely refreshing drink perfect for summer.

Smirnoff Ice Raspberry

Smirnoff Ice Raspberry is a blend of premium Smirnoff vodka with Raspberry flavour.

Smirnoff UDL Watermelon

It's been way too long since the iconic UDL Watermelon last graced our shelves. This Aussie classic recipe has been given a new lease on life for this limited edition 4 pack. Classic liquid, retro pack. Enough said!

Smirnoff Ice Double Black

Clear in colour this pre-mix contains a strong blend of premium Smirnoff Vodka and refreshing citrus flavour.