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Pirramimma Digby Tawny

This richly flavoured wine was produced from fully ripened Grenache and Shiraz grapes. And after fortification with Brandy spirit, it was matured in small oak barriques for many years before blending prior to release.

Chambers Old Vine Muscadelle

Once called Tokay, this luscious fortified Muscadelle has all the hallmarks of rich toffee and butterscotch with a balance on the palate that is synonymous with Rutherglen fortifieds.

Wolf Blass Red Label Tawny

Wolf Blass Red Label Tawny displays distinct rich raisin aromas with chocolate and dried fruit characters on the palate. Serve with cheese, crackers and a good coffee.

Stanton & Killeen Grand Rutherglen Muscat

Only the best vintages are blended into this wine and with base materials coming from the early sixties, only ten vintages since have been considered worthy of being blended to the 'Grand'. With an average age of over 25 years this wine shows the superb balance of wood aged 'rancio' characters and rich luscious flavours that make it an exquisite drinking experience.

McWilliams 5 Year Old Signature Release Tawny Non Vintage

McWilliams has more than 130 years history making fortified wines. Youll taste toffee, coffee and caramel - its rich, funky and simply delicious.

McWilliam's Max Tawny With Whisky Blend Non Vintage

Whisky is blended into this tawny at a rate of 12-13%. This increases the alcohol in the product but gives different aromatics to the nose compared to normal tawnys and more complex and smoother palate. Lifted butterscotch and brown sugar with a hint caramel. Cinnamon is also present with hints of malt. A warming palate with the malty, sweet vanilla characters of the whisky combining with the raisins and dried fruit flavors in the tawny to make a smooth and complex finish to the wine.

De Bortoli Premium Reserve Tawny

Smooth and rich with a vibrant fruit character and some underlying developed complexity.

Daybreak Sweet Fruity White

Daybreak Fruity Lexia cask captures all the summer sunshine and the sweet ripe fruit that have made this wine style so popular in Australia. The Daybreak 5Ltr cask is the perfect way to buy wine without the expensive cost.

Chambers Rutherglen Topaque

Formerly known as Tokay, this fortified wine has flavours of caramel, cold tea and dried fruit and has a viscous consistency. Ideal as an after-dinner drink.

Morris Classic Liqueur Muscat

Long standing icons in the Rutherglen wine region, Morris continue to astound the world with their world class fortified wines. Winners of a trophy cabinet full of awards at all the worlds best wine shows the Morris Classic Liqueur Muscat is rich with ripe raisin flavours which have been beautifully developed. Delicious dessert style wine.