Rekorderlig Passionfruit Cider

Made from the purest Swedish spring water, Rekorderlig Premium Pear Cider blended with Passionfruit is best served over ice for a crisp, cool and refreshing experience.

Rekorderlig Spiced Apple Cider

Rekorderlig Spiced Äpple is a unique premium spiced apple cider infused with cinnamon and vanilla. Serve hot from with a slice of orange for the perfect winter warmer or pour chilled straight from the bottle over ice into a tall glass. Carton of 15 x 500mL Bottles.

Orchard Thieves Apple Cider Can

Orchard Thieves premium apple cider, the medium body and sweetness is well balanced against the crispy apple acidity. Enjoy over ice or ice cold from the bottle, the perfect refreshment on a hot, sunny afternoon.

Pipsqueak Apple Cider

An Australian apple Cider made by Little Creatures Brewery in the picturesque Yarra Valley in Victoria. This light and bright coloured cider uses freshly pressed apples which help in the upfront apple flavour and texture. A perfect drink for a lazy afternoon. So pack your favourite picnic basket and include a few of these!

Zeffer Hopped Cider

Merging craft beer and craft cider; a truly unique combination. Hopped cider brings together New Zealand hops and apples to create a harmonious balanced blend. Golden in colour; tropical notes from NZ hops; crisp; refreshing; tropical citrus. Hopped cider was one of the first innovation ranged ciders that Zeffer made and it continues to be one of the most popular. It has the crossover benefit of appealing to both craft beer and craft cider drinkers and is always one of their top performing ciders at any tasting. The Zeffer Journey began in 2009 with a wine maker trying his hand at cider. Only ever content with using the best ingredients and never from concentrate this brand has become a hit with the locals & is New Zealands fastest growing cider brand with a long list of awards under their belt. Carton of 24 x 330mL Bottles.

Orchard Thieves Crisp Apple Cider Can

The golden straw colouring and vibrant aroma of freshly picked apples makes Orchard Thieves Crisp Apple Cider instantly appealing. At 4.5% ABC, the medium body and sweetness is well balanced against the crisp apple acidity. A lengthy palate with sustained apple character throughout, its vibrant and easy drinking, the perfect refreshment on a hot, sunny afternoon. Carton of 12 x 330mL Cans.

Rise Bros High Branch - Dark Cherry Cider

A whole fruit cider with no added sugar, flavours or colours, just 100% Victorian grown cherries! With a rich fruity flavour, medium dry finish and a delicious cherry aroma, this is sure to get the party started. Our versatile cider can also make the perfect fruity sangria in the Summer months, and in the Winter warm it up with to make a beautiful mulled cider.

5 Seeds Cloudy Apple Cider

5 Seeds Cloudy Apple Cider from orchard apples. Its natural hazy appearance is derived from cloudy apple juice, which enhances its distinct taste that is like green apples. Medium-sweet with a well-balanced tartness, this cider delivers a fresh and fruity finish. Refreshingly different!

Somersby Cloudy Apple Cider (10 Pack) Can

A full bodied cider displaying a good balance between bitter and sweetness, ending with apple peel and fresh green apple notes. Best served over ice in a tall glass for an amazing refreshing experience. Carton of 10 x 375mL Cans.

Rekorderlig Hard Apple Cider

This Reserve Strength cider balances the initial sweet apple burst of flavour with delicate bubbles to leave a clean and refreshing finish. Serve well chilled over ice and garnish with mint. Carton of 24 x 330mL Bottles.