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Godet XO Terre Cognac

Godet XO Terre Cognac expresses the heart of a powerful and masculine cognac. Extra old, its aged for 30 years in oak casks blended with 6 crus of AOC cognac. Produced in France by Godet's family owned cognac house that dates back to 1872.

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Hine Cognac Antique XO Cognac Grande Champagne

HINE ANTIQUE XO Grande Champagne Cognac, a blend of forty-six eaux-de-vie produced exclusively from grande champagne grapes.

Jean Fillioux Cognac So Elegantissime XO Carafe

Very floral nose, spring flowers, hawthorn, wild rose, acacia, mixed with aromas of white peach and nectarine. A touch of violet candy. Delicious liveliness on the palate with aromas of passion fruit, lemon pie, dried apricot. Long finish on sweet spices, coriander, cardamom. In short ... Extremely elegant!

Jean Fillioux Cognac GC 35 Years Cigar Club

Superb Grande Champagne Cognac, with a great personality, powerful. A velvety nose with notes of vanilla and honey. Very complex and unctuous palate with jammy aromas, prune, orange, then notes of cinnamon and black chocolate. Very long finish with notes of liquorice and spices coming through, toasted coffee. A perfect cognac to go with your favourite Havana cigar, Hoyo de Monterrey, Montecristo No2, Partagas D4.

Normandin Mercier Cognac ‘Peraudiere’ Grand Champagne CARAFE

We have selected this ‘Grande Champagne’ Premier Cru of 1992 to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Normandin Mercier business, founded in 1872. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it has been aged in authentic casks, made by the best Cognac coopers; using hundred-year-old oak trees from the estate ‘La Péraudière’ which were chosen in 1989 for the exceptional subtlety of their grain. The staves were left to dry in the open-air for three whole years, and from these wonderful casks, ‘La Péraudière’ cognac was born. Limited series of 1000 bottles.

Jean Fillioux Cognac 'Cigar Club' Grande Champagne 1er Cru 35yrs

Lhéraud Cognac n°7 Obusto

From 1860 to the present day, the family has forged a unique identity rooted in a distinctive land where passion and discretion are words to live by. Alexandre Lhéraud, who settled in the Petite Champagne region to serve the local chatelain, or château keeper, was the first to plant vines in his garden. Victor, Jean, Pierre, Eugène, Rémy and Guy followed in his footsteps. These men of fine temperament and steadfast work ethic expanded the estate and honed their method, passing down their memory of the land and the care they put into their product. That is what imbues Lhéraud cognac with its singular style, which harnesses the past to shine in the present. Lhéraud Cognac n°7 Obusto is very elegant with delicious spicy scents and honeyed almond aromas, enhanced with notes of leather, earth and toast. Perfect for savouring with a fine Cuban cigar.

Fancois Voyer XO Gold 20-30 years Grande Champagne Cognac Carafe

A rich, full of rancio, grape-to-bottle Cognac. The XO Gold is called as such because it only received gold medals in every single competition it entered. Minimum 20 years old, all the way to 30 years old. This cognac provides access to a single vineyard, quality “XO”, very different from the blends of the bigger brands. A very special drink to keep the night going with family and friends. Tasting Notes: Nose: Down among the flowers: touches of jasmine, clove, combined with peach and plums. The old maturation of this Cognac has given it its vanilla aroma and this light and sweet aroma that only an old Cognac has. Palate: The outstanding point is probably the great elegance which is one of the major characteristics of the Premier Cru Grande Champagne, fully represented here by the delicacy of aromas as well as the subtlety of its palate.

Remy Martin XO Majestic Momentum 300th Anniversary Edition Cognac

The House of Rémy Martin is renowned for its exceptional cognacs and a legacy that spans centuries. Founded in 1724 in the heart of Cognac, France, this esteemed Maison has become synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and a commitment to producing the finest cognacs in the world. From the very beginning, the House of Rémy Martin has been dedicated to the art of distillation and blending. Every step of the production process is meticulously executed, from the selection of grapes to the aging in oak barrels. The result is a collection of cognacs that embody the essence of French savoir-faire and terroir. One of the distinguishing features of Rémy Martin is its commitment to using only the finest grapes from the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne crus. These exceptional vineyards, known for their chalky soil and unique microclimates, produce grapes with unparalleled character and aromatic potential. The expertise of the cellar masters at Rémy Martin is unrivalled. These guardians of tradition and craftsmanship possess a deep understanding of the aging process and the art of blending. They carefully select and blend eaux-de-vie from different vintages, resulting in cognacs that strike the perfect balance between complexity, finesse and harmony. The House of Rémy Martin is also known for its iconic Centaur logo, which symbolizes the unity of man and nature. This emblem represents the harmonious relationship between the land, the vine and the people who dedicate themselves to the creation of extraordinary cognacs. Rémy Martin offers a range of exceptional cognacs, each with its own distinct personality and character. From the renowned Rémy Martin VSOP to the prestigious Rémy Martin XO and the exquisite Rémy Martin Louis XIII, every bottle is a testament to the House's unwavering pursuit of excellence. Rémy Martin XO is composed of eau-de-vie coming exclusively from the most sought-after vineyards of Cognac: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. Such eau-de-vie offers an exceptional aging potential and is known as Cognac Fine Champagne. Rémy Martin XO Excellence is the signature of their Cellar Master who with his expertise, manages to blend hundreds of eau-de-vie. This art of blending allows to perfectly expressing the full aromatic complexity of this XO Fine Champagne cognac. In 2024, the house of Rémy Martin will be marking 300 years of exceptional cognac-making. Led by visionaries since 1724, the House will connect past, present and future with a year of special activations and products around the theme, ‘We Dream Forward’. For three centuries the House has combined craft and innovation, passing it forward to build sustainable exception for the future. Celebrating opulence and excellence, the iconic XO decanter is given an anniversary reimagining. Decorated with golden javelins and a 300-year collar, it is presented in a gold gift box embellished with the Centaur, which opens to reveal a fan display. The Remy Martin XO Majestic Momentum 300th Anniversary Edition Cognac is a true masterpiece, embodying the pinnacle of the House's craftsmanship and expertise. The cognac exhibits the ultimate fiery mahogany hue, adorned with opal tones, creating a visually captivating experience. The Remy Martin XO Majestic Momentum 300th Anniversary Edition Cognac offers a sublimely smooth aroma that entices the senses. An explosion of flower and fruit aromas permeates the air, igniting the olfactory senses and tantalizing with their sheer elegance and complexity. On the palate, this cognac takes you on an opulent progression of flavors. It begins with the luscious sweetness of ripe plum and candied orange, followed by a delightful interplay of spices and hazelnuts that adds depth and richness. The journey culminates with gourmet notes of roasted cocoa beans and honeyed gingerbread, leaving a lingering impression of indulgence. The body of this cognac is smooth, full-bodied and long-lasting. It envelops the palate with its luxurious texture, showcasing the remarkable craftsmanship and aging process. Each sip leaves a lasting impression, inviting you to savour the moment and appreciate the complexity of flavors. The Remy Martin XO Majestic Momentum 300th Anniversary Edition Cognac is a testament to the House's legacy and dedication to excellence. With its fiery mahogany colour, sublimely smooth aroma, opulent palate and a smooth, full-bodied finish, this cognac epitomizes the pinnacle of indulgence and luxury.

Darroze La Poste Armagnac

Amber color, intense. Nose of Armagnac of great terroir, with aromas of chocolate, coffee, leather, honey, licorice. Extraordinary complexity, intensity and finesse. In the mouth, the tannins are present, dense. We feel again these flavors of roasting, leather and rancio. Beautiful length.

Darroze Bellair Grand Bas Armagnac

Gold color, intense. Brown reflections. The nose is marked by the long aging: cigar box, leather, liquorice, nutmeg, toast, gingerbread, toffee. However, the nose stays fresh and light. We find these balsamic aromas, licorice, chocolate on the palate with a more spicy finish: white pepper, candied ginger. Nice length in the mouth.