Monterra Rosé

This lovely tart cherry and cassis along with hints of fresh thyme and grated nutmeg on the nose and palate. The smells are mimicked on the palate, with a crunchy and juicy finish. Perfect chilled with alfresco dining, Asian dishes, or just a lovely long summers day.

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Amadio Single Vineyard Selection Adelaide Hills Sangiovese

Coriole Sangiovese

Coriole has been the pioneer of this variety in Australia - and for good reason! Spicy dark cherry and plum flavours, the palate is perfectly balanced with dusty drying tannins.

Tar & Roses Sangiovese

Tar & Roses can not only be used to describe the wonderful Meditteranean aromas and flavours of this Heathcote winery, but also the wonderful team of Don Lewis and Narelle King! This Heathcote Sangiovese shows the classical sour cherry flavours with a balanced and integrated structure that is crying out for a antipasto plate.

Ciao Bella Sangiovese

The Ciao Bella Sangionvese epitomizes the age old Italian tradition of 'Bella Figura' (good image). This wine is rich deep and vibrant and full of gusto, perfect with a pizza or pasta and a classic Fellini.

Cecchi Chianti

From the famous Tuscan region of Chianti, this wine is made from Sangiovese. The Chianti Classico style a wine is slightly richer on the palate, yet with that trademark dusty tannin and earthy spice backbone that make this wine such a brilliant match with pasta.

Pizzini Sangiovese

Fred Pizzini grew up in Italy and is bringing the taste of his homeland to the Australian dining table. His Sangiovese is one of the best examples in the country, with spicy, savoury fruit hiding a vein of mouth watering acid that is a hallmark of the variety. Delicious now - and will get better with bottle age!

La Bise Sangiovese

Given the evocative name of 'La Bise', the warm southerly breeze that wanders across the vineyards of Burgundy a few weeks before harvest are said to give the vineyards the 'kiss of life'. Natasha Mooney has hand selected vineyards for the La Bise label which have been given the kiss of life. The case in point is this remarkable Sangiovese that is sourced from two northern vineyards in the Adelaide Hills and two different Sangiovese clones that blend big round berries with cherry driven fruit flavours and the smaller, more concentrated berries that give the wine an aniseed and blackcurrant accent. A wine with great texture and mouthfeel that has density while maintaining its lifted fruit aromas.

Cecchi Chianti Raffia

Chianti, the home of the iconic-bodied spicy dry red wine that is famous the world over. Many remember traditional Chianti's coming wrapped in straw to protect them due to the light weight glass used, and you can still enjoy them today with the Cecchi Raffia. Ark back to a simpler time when all that mattered was family, friends and food.

Pizzini Lana Il Nostro Gallo

The colour for this Sangiovese is dense brick/cherry red with purple hues. Aromas include exotic spice, dark cherry, lingering plum, dried herb, leather and earthy notes. The palate is soft and generous with talc like earthy and savoury tannins. This wine by Pizzini has soft acidity through the middle palate. It is a mid weight wine.

Lark Hill Biodynamic Sangiovese

Lark Hill turn their winemaking skills and Biodynamic farming to the great (red) grape of Tuscany - Sangiovese. Red berry fruits, light tannins and a sumptuous palate give this wine a juicy, savoury character; perfect with grilled meats, pizza, pasta and charcuterie.This wine has been made for early drinking and does not require extensive cellaring.