Hahn Premium Light

One of Australia's favourite premium light beers. Brewed for full flavour and refreshment, Hahn Premium Light uses imported hops and the finest Australian malt. Contains no artificial additives or preservatives. A fresh, crisp thirst quencher.

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Cascade Premium Light

Cascade Premium Light is a perfect balance of master brewing skills, the finest malt, hops and premium yeast culture. Sparkling bright amber with a spicy hop aroma and tightly packed head.

Hahn Ultra Crisp


James Boag's Premium Light

Tasmania - isolated, wild, pure. Since 1881, this land has inspired James Boag's to perfect their craft. Their dedication to quality drove the quest for Premium Light - a perfect balance of brewing passion and the finest natural ingredients, delivering a full-flavoured Light beer.

Arc Valley Premium Light

Arc Valley Premium Light is a great value, fully imported beer from the Netherlands. Brewed using the finest quality ingredients and a unique brewing process results in a beer rich in flavour with refreshing crisp finish to satisfy the most discerning beer drinker.

Foster's Light Ice

Foster's LightIce is a smooth, full-flavoured, easy-drinking and extremely refreshing beer.

TUN Blue Light

TUN continue their great form with their latest release, the TUN Light 30 Block where value for money is the name of the game. Conveniently packaged in the handy 30 Block, TUN Light is a refreshing lager that is perfect for the Sunday Barbecue or your next party.

James Boag's Draught Light

First brewed in 1990, James Boags Draught Light is delicately filtered and blended to yield a low alcohol content with a rich, full body and sophisticated taste. It tastes of slight crystal malt flavour and has a refreshing bitter finish.

Coopers Premium Light Beer

Coopers Premium Light is brewed using malted barley and no sugar. Coopers has used traditional Lager brewing techniques to produce a full-flavoured light beer. The Light has a fresh aroma with clean floral hop notes, excellent head and colour presentation.