Morris Of Rutherglen Old Premium Rare Liqueur Muscat Non Vintage

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Chambers Grand Rutherglen Muscat

Produced from vines over 80 years old, this is one of the finest examples of aged Muscat. Wonderful aromas of honeyed marmalade and very ripe raisins, the palate is rich and luscious with the flavours of honeyed raisins meshed seamlessly with velvet smooth old brandy spirit. The perfect partner for X-Mas pudding.

Morris Old Premium Rare Liqueur Muscat

Icons of Rutherglen, Morris have been producing some of the worlds finest fortified wines for over 150 years now. Their Rare Liqueur Muscat is rich and viscous with memorising palate density. The perfect partner to rich desserts and powerful cheese platters.

Stanton & Killeen Grand Rutherglen Muscat

Only the best vintages are blended into this wine and with base materials coming from the early sixties, only ten vintages since have been considered worthy of being blended to the 'Grand'. With an average age of over 25 years this wine shows the superb balance of wood aged 'rancio' characters and rich luscious flavours that make it an exquisite drinking experience.

McWilliam's Show Reserve 25 Year Old Muscat

The full flavoured palate shows raisin characters in vast concentration with a rich and lingering finish. Perfect with desserts, such as pecan pie or salted caramel.