Sierra Nevada Hop Lovers Taster Pack with Limited Edition Spiegelau IPA Glass

This gift pack contains 3 of Sierra Nevada's whole-cone hop beers and a Spiegelau IPA glass. The hop lovers line up: Pale Ale, 3 Weight Session IPA and Hazy Little Thing IPA.

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James Squire The Chancer Golden Ale

James Squire The Chancer Golden Ale is a fruit-driven beer that is light in texture but full on flavour - a wonderfully well rounded style. A fresh and fruity brew with a dry finish that makes it the ideal thirst quencher for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

James Squire Jack of Spades Porter

James Squire's Jack of Spades Porter is more delicate than a stout with hints of malt chocolate and creamy texture. Roasted barley and wheat malts are the key, while subtle hopping and a long maturation create hints of malt chocolate, a pillowy head and a light, creamy finish. A perfect beer for those colder months and is quite simply the perfect match for a Black Forest Cake or Chocolate pudding!

KAIJU! Metamorphosis IPA

From the brewers that some say caused the current shortage of American hops in Australia. Metamorphosis is a West Coast American IPA with a slight English twist. Brewer Nat Reeves wanted to beef up the hop intensity while maintaining balance in this beer, so he looked to the slightly sweeter, darker malt profiles of the English IPAs. The result is this bitter and beautifully-balanced IPA.

Lick Pier Alcoholic Ginger Beer

The East 9th Brewing Company, well known for their Doss Blockos Pale Lager, have turned their hands to Ginger Beer and have product Lick Pier - a refreshingly dry Ginger Beer that is made in a completely untraditional way, yet tastes as Ginger Beer should. Spicy and dry, Lick Pier is the perfect warm weather thirst quencher that has taken inspiration from the Charles Lick built pier in California and the summertime festivities that happened on or under it!

Little Creatures XPA

Little Creatures has been brewing Pale Ale since they first opened the doors to the Fremantle Brewery in November 2000. The recipe hasn't changed, but they wanted to brew a Pale Ale with extra...everything. With liberal additions of Cascade, Willamette and Chinook hops, as well as a dose of dry hops, this is a tasty treat indeed. As it hits your tastebuds; citrus, grapefruit and pine hoppy goodness fills your mouth.

Grand Ridge Supershine

This silky smooth scotch ale is believed to be the strongest bottled beer from Australia. Intense, yet beautifully smooth malt flavours will awaken the taste buds and delight the lovers of rich smooth dark ales and barley wines alike. Winner of multiple International medals including best of class trophy in 2003, gold medal in 2004, dual gold, the premiers trophy and best in class in the world 2005, Gold Medal for best Scotch Ale / Barley wine at the 2014 AIBA and a further 2 silver medals in 2015. Best enjoyed as the finale after tasting the full range of Grand Ridge pure beers. Excellent with rich plum puddings, mud cake and burnt caramel sauce.


In Japan, Ruri translates to the colour of clear blue skies - crystal clarity is what this incredibly pure premium pilsner is all about. COEDO Ruri displays a flawless golden colour which contrasts beautifully with a soft, white head for an easy drinking brew that pairs well with almost any dish. Its delicate balance of rich flavours and hoppy bitterness is light on the palate and persistently enjoyable, providing a deliciously satisfying quaff for discerning palates.


COEDO Shiro is instantly recognizable by its bright colour, tinged with soft, milky white glow. Yeasts selected specifically for their ability to bring out sweet aromas from the wheat, are complemented by fruity notes for a rich yet refreshing brew that is smooth on the tongue and goes down with flourish. We chose the Japanese word for 'white' for our Hefeweizen as a way to capture not only its bright colour, but also its distinctively gentle character.


Kyara is the Japanese word for a deep golden brown colour, tinged with red. Aromatic hops carry notes of white grapes and spicy citrus, while a fresh, while a fresh clean bitterness unfolds on the palate. COEDO Kyara has six different malts that are combined with a slightly above average alcohol content (5.5%) bringing a deeper flavour to this well rounded, medium-bodied India Pale Lager.

COEDO Beniaka

Coedo Beniaka is an unfiltered Imperial Sweet Potato Amber Ale. Fermented for an extended period, the Beniaka boasts an aromatic sweetness in its amber tones. Its unique profile is owed to a combination of high quality malts, roasted kintoki sweet potatoes and excellent beer craftmanship. Beniaka is unique to the Bushu area, and uses the famous kintoki sweet potato, a specialty item in Kawagoe.