Furphy Refreshing Ale

Furphy refreshing ale has been embraced by Victorians as a local beer made for local people. Made with 100% Victorian ingredients, Furphyrefreshing ale is an easy drinking beer with a touch of craft in its DNA.

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Gage Roads Break Water Australian Pale Ale

A beer best paired with lazy afternoons, watching the sun sink into the Indian Ocean from the gateway to Freo - South Mole Head. Crafted with 100% Australian malts and hops, this light-bodied pale ale is bottled unfiltered for flavour and freshness.

Coopers Dr Tim's Traditional Ale

The Dr Tim's Traditional Ale was developed by the Chief Brewer of Coopers Brewery - Dr Tim Cooper. Naturally brewed like all Cooper's Ales, Dr Tim's is packaged in a specially designed can which allows the natural flavours to develop during secondary fermentation. Subtle fruity notes and balanced use of bittering hops, Dr Tim's can be enjoyed at all occasions.

Holgate Brewhouse Mt Macedon Pale Ale

A real Australian Pale Ale, using Australian grown Cascade, Ella and Topaz hope, balanced by a malt base of Australian Vienna giving this brew a delicate caramel malt flavour. The result is a pale ale of broad appeal and, like the mountain, a local landmark.

Australian Beer Company Yenda Pale Ale

Australian Beer Company Yenda Pale Ale is an Australian-style pale ale with pronounced floral and tropical fruit hop aromas and subtle malt character. The bitterness from the New World hops balances the full-bodied malt flavour, delivering a refreshing, clean finish.