Vok Strawberry

VOK Strawberry Liqueur is a delicious liqueur with the taste of freshly picked, ripe strawberries. It is used widely to flavour fruity or tropical cocktails.

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Ambra Fragolino

Ambra Fragolino is a sweet but superbly refreshing Strawberry liqueur made from a certain type of plump strawberries. Ambra Fragolino is made to a century old secret recipe from the wonderful Amalfi Coast using only the very best local ingredients and is totally free from preservatives. Makes the ideal digestive or a great celebration drink with family and friends. It is traditional to keep Ambra Fragolino in the freezer and serve it chilled neat in a shot glass. However, it is delicious poured over a bed of crushed ice, or ideally it is 'heavenly' added to champagne as a cocktail. For those with culinary learnings it is an addition to ice cream, desserts, sorbet or fruit

Vok Peach Liqueur

VOK Peach Liqueur is the most recent addition and delivers the juicy flavour of fresh, ripe peaches. Vok Peach Liqueur brings a fruity depth in some of the most delicious cocktails recipes.