Grant Burge Aged Tawny

Made from a blend of Grenache, Mataro and Shiraz which have been matured under the Solero system using oak quarter casks. Grant Burge Aged Tawny is complex and nutty with a rich lengthy finish.

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McWilliam's Royal Reserve Tawny

This is a sweeter simpler style Tawny, quite fruit forward, lighter in style.

McWilliam'sý Family Reserve 10 Year Old Tawny

A true barrel aged tawny. McWilliams Family Reserve 10 Year Old Tawny shows characteristics of vanilla oak, and raisins distinctive of Christmas fruit cake. With exceptional round mid palate and extra fine tannins, this tawny has a wonderful lusciousness that lingers long after consumption.

Kellermeister Sable

Kellermeister Sable is the luxurious chocolate liqueur made by one of the Barossa Valley's finest. With a base of Ruby Tawny that has been steeped in dark chocolate, cinnamon clove spices and three year old brandy spirit, Kellermeister Sable is an experience of elegance and lingering pleasure. Suited perfectly to accompany your coffee or in the warmer months try it chilled. Decadent!

Buller Victoria Tawny

Buller has a rich history of fantastic fortified wines, and this is no exception. Rich, sweet fruit on the palate leads into a lovely, long dry finish.

Golden Oak Tawny

Redolent of ripe grapes and raisins, this is a no-nonsense Tawny style that can be enjoyed chilled with a cheese platter or at room temperature with your favourite coffee.

Brown Brothers Australian Tawny

Brown Brothers Australian Tawny is just the perfect partner to a night curled up in front of the fire as the nights get cooler. Dust off those port glasses and indulge yourself in one of the best value ports available in Australia!

Stanley Tawny

Stanley have always been committed to producing the very best quality in casks. This tawny is great value Australian fortified wine, showing sweet dried fruit and a whisper of spice.

Hip Sip Tawny

Hip Sip is matured in old oak barrels, which integrated well with the ripe berry fruits and generous mouth fill on the palate. Its is blended skilfully across a number of vintages to obtain the optimum colour and complexity in taste, sweet and nutty. Ideal as after dinner nips or with cheese platters.

Buller Fine Old Tawny

Since 1921 Buller have been producing fortified wines of opulence and concentration using the traditional solera method. This Fine Old Tawny shows all the characteristics of a quality oak regime; a deep mahogany colour, wonderful spicy, complex flavours and delicate dry finish. Enjoy as the perfect after-dinner wine with rich cheese or dried fruits.

McWilliam's Cream Tawny

A lighter ruby fortified wine, made in a rancio style, sweet fruity and finishes with a slight creamy texture.