Baileys Original Bowl

Your favourite indulgent treat, Baileys Original Irish Cream comes with two miniature Baileys ceramic bowls this Christmas. Its the perfect gift!

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Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur

Tia Maria's secret Jamaican recipe reveals a timeless allure. Enjoy the deliciously versatile taste of Tia Maria mixed with milk or cola, splashed over ice or enjoyed it in coffee.

Cassidy Irish Cream

Irish whiskey, cream and fine spirits woven together to create a perfect blend of flavours. In 2009 it won a best in class and gold medal at the International Wine and Spirits competition in London.

Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream Liqueur

Everyone loves it! Chocolate is possibly the most popular taste in the world. Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream is made exclusively from the best ingredients, which are all meticulously prepared for manufacturing. The white chocolate liqueur contains fresh cream, the finest cocoa butter, genuine Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, granulated sugar and pure sugar beet distillate. All blend together to create a deliciously velvety drink with a feminine touch, light, elegant and seductive.

RumChata Liqueur

RumChata ingredients are hand selected from all around the world. Every delicious batch contains a unique blend of premium Caribbean rum which is then homogenised with the finest dairy cream from Wisconsin. The final step of the process is blending in unique flavours, which come from six different countries and as far away as Madagascar. RumChata goes exceptionally well with everything from baked goods to your favourite festive mixed drinks or is delicious simply served over ice.