Grand Ridge Natural Blond Wheat

A classic Belgian style blonde wheat beer. It is naturally cloudy using Australias premium wheat, malt, and coriander. Natural orange peel used in the brewing process lets luscious hints of citrus seep through what is believed to be Australias most delicious blonde head. Awarded 2 medals at the Australian and International beer awards 2002.

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Carlton Dry

Carlton Dry's extended brewing process removes excess sugars creating a smooth, crisp finish with lower carbohydrates than a full strength beer. A clean, crisp and incredibly refreshing lager that is perfect drinking in the summer sunshine or equally good at home.

Birra Morena Eko Pure Malt Organic 4.6% Beer

A project carried out with the support of a qualified team of brewers through scrupulous tests on raw materials, on the organoleptic and degustativi results achieved the excellent result of BEER EKO 'Beer Organic EKO' is a pure malt beer with an alcohol content 4.6% vol., produced with cooked limited quantity, using malt and hops biological cerificati and low yeast fermentation. The EKO 'has a taste and a smooth and balanced flavor, a pleasant smell and a golden color and is designed for a target audience of consumers of the authenticity and nature lovers. BEER EKO 'AND' CERTIFIED BY BIO AGRICERT.   

Kirin Megumi Beer

Kirin's special Megumi has pure, smooth flavours and a pale amber shine, crowned with a rich, creamy head. Only the first mix of malt and water is extracted when ingredients are at their purest to deliver what in Japan is considered a blessing.

Kosciuszko Pale Ale

First brewed in the

Coopers Dry

Coopers Dry has a refreshing citrus taste oflime and lemon, combined with subtle floral aroma notes and a clean, crisp bitterness.

Tooheys Extra Dry

Tooheys Extra Dry is Australia's fifth highest selling beer (Nielsen April 2010) and is well known for its clean, crisp taste. Its dry finish is achieved by an extended fermentation, ensuring minimal residual fermentable sugars. Wonderful fruity, malty notes accompany a mellow middle palate, leaving a clean aftertaste.

Thunder Road TRB Pacific Breeze Aussie

The Thunder Road brewers were some of the first in the world to be introduced to a new Australian hop variety called Galaxy. They could hardly contain their excitement at the distinctive aroma and striking flavour. They immediately developed and fine-tuned a number of different beers using this new exciting hop, culminating in the birth of Thunder Road Pacific. This Pacific style is characterised by a distinct hop aroma with passionfruit, peach and clean citrus notes. Light bodied, refreshing with a tropical hop character. IBU: 25 Carton of 24 x 330mL Bottles.

Thunder Road TRB Rip Snorter Aussie IPA

There has been a recent trend in America of moving away from extreme IPAs to well-balanced IPAs that are big on flavour and drinkability. Thunder Road IPA delivers aroma, flavour and sessionability in spades! The big brother to the Thunder Road Pale Ale, its generous malt base carries a citrus and fresh pine hop aroma, flavour and bitterness but once again balance is the key. A sessionable well balanced IPA. IBU: 55 Carton of 24 x 330mL Bottles.

Little Creatures Pale Ale

A unique blend of premium hops drive an intense citrus and grapefruit aroma and flavour in this Pale Ale - balanced with a careful selection of speciality malts. Preservative and additive free, this beer is live-yeast conditioned in bottles and kegs, providing unmatched freshness and character. From brewing to release, a batch of Little Creatures Pale Ale takes about six weeks, allowing for two weeks conditioning in the bottle after packaging. No artificial additives are included, just great ingredients. Pour it into a glass to enjoy it at its best!

Coopers Sparkling Ale

Australian made and owned. Coopers Sparkling Ale is brewed and fermented using a unique method of top fermentation and natural bottle conditioning. Coopers are famous for this process which leaves a natural residue of yeast during maturation and gives a cloudy appearance with an enhanced flavour. No additives, no preservatives.