Canadian Club Whisky

Made since 1858, Canadian Club was first distilled by Hirem Walker and quickly became of the worlds most recognisable brands. Delivering a smooth, light flavor, it is the embodiment of a whisky with the widest appeal, so much so Queen Victoria was known to enjoy Canadian Club, as does fictitious secret agent, James Bond. Blended before aging in white oak barrels for a full six years, Canadian Club, is a benchmark whisky with an extremely smooth, approachable, & versatile taste profile. Best served mixed, with Dry Ginger Ale and fresh squeeze of Lime, Cola or Lemonade.

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Canadian Club 8 Year Old Whisky

Introducing Canadian Club 8 Year Old, a more refined, mature, older sibling of Canadian Club Original 1858. With a higher rye & barley content than the Original 1858, its expertly distilled and matured in char-treated American white oak barrels for eight years, to create a rich, smooth flavour. Best served as a Highball with soda and fresh lime.

Canadian Club Spiced Whisky

Canadian Club Spiced is the newest addition to the Canadian Club family. It combines the smooth light flavour of Canadian Club Original and blends it with extracts of vanilla, all spice, black pepper, cinnamon, clove and juniper berry which will help Spice things up in your drinks cabinet!

Crown Royal De Luxe Canadian Whisky

All Hail the King of the Barrel' - Crown Royal, Canada's leading premium whisky, has a long and distinguished history that is as unique as it's taste. Crown Royal Deluxe was created to honour the Royal grand tour of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939. Made from milled corn, rye and malted barley, this premium whisky is aged in both seasoned and new white oak and eventually selected at its optimum maturity.

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Lovers of all things hot and spicy are going to be clamouring to get their hands on Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. With a recent history that began in Canada in the min-80s, cinnamon infused spicy whisky's were the perfect tonic for the icy cold winters. With a strong cinnamon taste that is best served in a shot, Fireball Whisky is both hot and cold, smooth yet with a bite and sweet but spicy.

Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old Whisky

Canadian Club 12 Year Old is aged for the extra 6 years to allow maturing in wood to produce a darker spirit with more of the traditional characteristics of aged whiskies and a richer, more aromatic flavour. This 12 Year Old whisky is perfect for mixing, or can be served on the rocks.

Collingwood Blended Canadian Whisky

Collingwood is a unique, artisanal whisky. It is made at Canada's longest continuously owned and operated distillery in the town of Collingwood, Ontario, on the shores of Georgian Bay. As a toasted Maplewood stave finished whisky, Collingwood is full-flavored and complex, with a long, clean finish.

Crown Royal Black Canadian Whisky

Black is a bolder, darker and more robust whisky blended at 45% (90 proof), yet retaining the signature smoothness of Crown Royal. The palate features a deeper oak background with dark, sweet, maple notes and a light vanilla flavour towards the finish.

Crown Royal Maple Finished Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal Maple combines the unique taste of Crown Royal with a touch of natural maple flavour. The whisky is finished in maple-toasted oak to yield a blend of Crown Royal's signature caramel and vanilla nose with the aromas of light, fresh maple and a flavour profile that finishes on an authentically warm and woody note.

Fireball Cinnamon Canadian Whisky

Fireball is made with Canadian Whisky and natural cinnamon flavours. Originally created to fight off the harsh winters in North Canada it's popularity has been built on it being enjoyed with friends as a 'shot' occasion to 'ignite the night'.