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Brown Brothers Prosecco

With access to some of the very best vineyard land in the King Valley, Brown Brothers are able to craft an authentic Prosecco with all the hallmarks this style has become famous for. The elevated terroir produces a sparkling that is both crisp and gentle, with delicate lemon-pear flavours. Lively acidity through the palate complemented by a terrific long finish. The Italian influence here is for all to see. (Limited edition bottle**)

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Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé

Brown Brothers have added the Prosecco Rosato to join the original, and much loved, Prosecco. In the glass there is a rose-gold colour and a soft nose of strawberry and apple skins. With the addition of a touch of Cienna to the Prosecco, the sparkling wine retains its trademark acidity while showcasing a softer, rounder side to the palate. Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosato is made to be enjoyed young while at its light and delicate best. (Limited edition bottle**)

Dal Zotto Pucino Prosecco

Pucino is the ancient Roman name for Prosecco. Dal Zotto recreate that ancient style here by using the charmat method to delivery a Prosecco of true richness and complexity that is perfectly suited to a wide array of occasions. Enjoy as an aperitif or alongside some freshly shucked oysters.

Brown Brothers Prosecco Premium Brut

“A premium prosecco – why not? A drier prosecco than usual, bringing gravitas to the style, with a smarter, tighter line and length. No simple lemonade characters here, but rather some depth in aroma and flavour. Granny Smith apples, grapefruit, pear skin, preserved lemon. Zesty, bright on the palate but settles into a citrus-infused, lemon-tart line of flavour with a waxy mouthfeel. Definitely a step up in poise and elegance for the variety.” Jeni Port

Yellow Tail Prosecco

Fresh, floral and easy to drink sparkling wine, with vibrant flavours of zesty citrus and nashi pear finishing smooth and creamy.

Redbank Prosecco Rosé Victorian

Salmon pink in colour, this prosecco Rosé has aromas of musk and rose petals derived from blending King Valley Prosecco with Grenache and Pinot Noir red wine. Once blended, the palate shows dominant flavours of strawberry and raspberry. The mid palate gives way to a crisp structure and fresh finish.

6ft6 Prosecco

Light, crisp and clean with citrusy lemon curd, pear and honey notes. 6ft6 Prosecco 2014 has a fresh, sherbety mouthfeel that's smooth and balanced. True to style, this is uncomplicated (yet highly drinkable) bubbles.

Innocent Bystander Prosecco

Clean, crisp and fruit driven. A sure win at any party, or any night of the week around a good cheese plate.

Redbank Sunday Morning Prosecco Rose

Pizzini Prosecco RosemL

Zonzo Estate Vintage Prosecco

Lovely aromas of honeydew melon with slight hints of cucumber. Subtle herbaceous edge in addition to the full fruit flavours, leaving it perfectly balanced with respect to sweetness and acidity. This particular wine adds sparkle to any occasion.