Green Fairy Absinth

Absinth is made from wormwood and is distilled with herbs and spices to produce a spirit of higher alcohol so serve responsibly. Add water and sugar or try with apple juice and mint over ice.

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Mythe Absinthe

Absinthe has a long and illustrious history that is intertwined with prohibition during the time of World War 1 when Absinthe was outlawed. A lot of intense research has been undertaken by the Distillerie des Terres Rouges to revive this ancient liqueur which has been carried out with the highest respect for its old traditions. Mythe is distilled with aniseed, badiane, vervain, hyssop, and, of course, wormwood which produces a full, layered bouquet that is then followed by a balanced palate. The distinctive bitterness of the wormwood makes its presence known, but doesn't overwhelm the other botanicals. Best served in the traditional manner with 20mL poured into a glass followed by placing a sugar cube on an Absinthe spoon above the liqueur before pouring 100mL of cold water over the sugar. Enjoy the aromas and flavours that have long been forbidden.

Green Fairy Dabel Absinth

This premium Czech absinth Dabel is 70% alcohol by volume and contains the maximum amount of Thujone that is allowed in Australia. Although stronger, Dabel also mixes particularly well with sugar and water, or fruit juice, as a cocktail base, or is perfect as an interesting fruit punch base to get a party going.

Distillerie Pernot Absinthe Bourgeois (Artemisia Absinthium de Pontarlier) 55%