Soda Water

Kirks Soda Water is a Carbonated Water, with no artificial colours and flavours. Kirks beverages make a great quality mixer.

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Carlton Dry

Carlton Dry's extended brewing process removes excess sugars creating a smooth, crisp finish with lower carbohydrates than a full strength beer. A clean, crisp and incredibly refreshing lager that is perfect drinking in the summer sunshine or equally good at home.

Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur

Originating deep in the Yukatan, Kahlúa has a flavour as rich and distinct as the region. Kahlúa has a vibrant taste and lingering coffee finish, and it can be served neat over ice, mixed with milk or cola, and is used in a variety of cocktails.
Cascade Soda Water is refreshing, bubbly and the perfect choice to enjoy either straight or mixed.

Old Mout Passionfruit & Apple Cider

YOU OLD ROMANTIC!The meeting of luscious passionfruit and crisp apples, blended to remind you of balmy, far flung places!Pour over ice for ultimate refreshment!

Old Mout Strawberry & Pomegranate Cider

RIPE YOU ARE THEN!This clever concoction mixes ripe strawberry and tart pomegranate for a taste to keep you on your toes!Pour over ice for ultimate refreshment!

Old Mout Kiwi & Lime Cider

DO YOUR ZING! Aromatic kiwi fruit combines with zingy lime to create this refreshing cider.  Pour over ice for for the ultimate satisfacction.

Kirin Megumi Beer

Kirin's special Megumi has pure, smooth flavours and a pale amber shine, crowned with a rich, creamy head. Only the first mix of malt and water is extracted when ingredients are at their purest to deliver what in Japan is considered a blessing.

Kosciuszko Pale Ale

First brewed in the

Coopers Dry

Coopers Dry has a refreshing citrus taste oflime and lemon, combined with subtle floral aroma notes and a clean, crisp bitterness.