Kirks Tonic Water

Kirks Tonic Water is a Quinine Carbonated Soft Drink, with no artificial colours and flavours. Kirks beverages make a great quality mixer.

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Fitch & Leedes Pink Sugar Free Tonic Water Glass

Life is a bed of roses with the new sugar-free pink tonic range. Fitch & Leedes Pink Sugar Free is a popular choice now given that its sugar and calorie count is significantly lower than regular tonic without losing any of that delicious tonic taste. Pretty in pink with whiffs of rose petals and fresh cucumber.

Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic Can

Pretty in pink with whiffs of rose petals and fresh cucumber, Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic is poised to be the perfect accompaniment to fine gins and adds a delightful twist to your classic G&T

Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic Can

The Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic water is handcrafted from the finest ingredients with care and attention to quality. Sparkling quinine soft drink,  great on its own or as a mixer.

Fitch & Leedes Bitter Lemon Can

Bitter Lemon, also in Low Kilojoule. One of the most sophisticated mixers invented to enhance gins best. Made with pure lemon juice Fitch & Leedes Bitter Lemon abounds with fresh zestiness and just a hint of tartness to quench your thirst and spruce up your favourite drink.