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Tenjaku Japanese Whisky

Carefully selected unprocessed whiskies and pure, natural spring water are expertly blended to create this distinctive whisky. A gift from the land that surrounds Mt. Fuji, home to the finest natural spring water. Tasting Notes: Clear amber, faint smoky accent with sweet aroma, redolent of pear and dried fruit. The palate is slightly edgy attack, but well-rounded and mellow. Finish is slightly spicy. A long finish with a hint of white oak and a spreading sweetness.

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Nikka Coffey Grain Japanese Whisky

The Coffey Still is the worlds first patented continuous still invented by Mr. Aeneas Coffey in 1830. Masataka Taketsuru valued the feature of this type of still, which retains the flavours of ingredients and also creates a distinctive texture. Complex, sweet and mellow flavours in Nikka Coffey invites you back to beauties of grain whisky.

The Shin Blended Japanese Whisky

The Shin Blended Whisky is crafted by Mr. Ken Usami, the master blender of Shinobu Distillery who selected finest malt whiskies and finished them in casks made of Japanese Oak, Mizunara Wood. “Shin” stands for “Integrity”, one of the core principles of Samurai tradition.The blended expression contains 50% malt and 50% grain. The result is a unique fusion of flavours and dynamic explosion in palate yet so smooth and easy to drink. Subtle chocolate and hazelnuts teamed with soft citrus notes. All natural with no colouring.Elegant balance of smooth malt and harmonious mix of sweet spices. With a hint of vanilla, caramel, and delicate fruity flavour note. The palate displays subtle sweetness, with toasted bread flavour and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Woody aftertaste with oriental sandalwood aroma on the finish.

Fuji Single Grain Japanese Whiskey

Nikka Whisky from the Barrel Japanese Whisky

The history and evolution of the Japanese Whisky scene can be traced back to one man, Masataka Taketsuru; a man known as the 'father of Japanese whisky'. Taketsuru not only left Japan to learn the craft from the experts in Scotland, he also crafted Japan's first whisky at the Yamazaki distillery before establishing the premium whisky house of Nikka in 1934. This unique bottling of 'From the Barrel' is a breathtaking blend of malt and grain whiskies that are hand selected, blended together and then reintroduced to cask upon their marriage. The result is a blend that possesses a distinctive personality characterised by solidity, depth of taste and a richly expanding aroma. With immediate aromas of cedar and maple, it has an exploding mouth-feel showcasing cinnamon, dark chocolate, pepper and toffee. Serve with a little water to reveal cacao and tingling spices.

Kirin Fuji Single Blended Japanese Whisky

Kirin Fuji Single Grain Japanese Whisky is a beautiful single grain whisky from the Fuji Gotemba distillery. They are one of Japan's most popular producers or grain whiskies. The natural environment around Mt. Fuji is blessed with lush forests, crystal clear water, and pure air. FUJI whiskies are delicately fruity and mellow, and have been nurtured over time in this environment, with its unique climate and terroir. Mt. Fuji Distillery is nestled at the foot of Mt. Fuji, 620 meters (2,035 feet) above sea level and 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) from its peak. Since this is a misty area, Mt. Fuji can only be seen about 1/3 of the year, despite being at such a close distance. The high humidity maintained by a year-round blanket of fog, a cool highland climate with a yearly average temperature of 13℃ (55℉), and air purified by the forests at the foot of the majestic mountain has been combining to form its climate and terroir around the distillery. This natural environment, the cool highland climate with moderate temperature changes and high humidity, is ideal for making whisky. Because of this climate and terroir, the whisk(e)y produced at Mt. Fuji Distillery is mellow, and delicately fruity on the palate. Water plays a vital role in high-quality whisky production. With excellent and abundant water being essential, we call its water “mother water,” meaning it is a blessing from Mother Earth. This excellent water source is one of the main reasons why Mt. Fuji Distillery was built at its location. The “mother water” is drawn from the aquifer that runs 100 meters (328 feet) deep underground, where snow and rain that falls on Mt. Fuji is filtered and polished for 50+ years to reach the aquifer. Because of this climate and terroir, the whisk(e)y produced at Mt. Fuji Distillery is mellow, and delicately fruity on the palate. Master Blender Jota Tanaka. formerly of Four Roses Distillery, in fact the Barrels used at Fuji Gotemba are purchased from the same cooperage and the ex-bourbon barrels used for ageing some of the distilleries whiskies are from Four Roses as well. Fuji Single Blended is the embodiment of Fuji Gotemba's commitment to creating unique Whisky. Single Blended is a blend of malt and three different types of grain whisky produced at the one site; Fuji Gotemba. Master Blender, Jota Tanaka uses a combination corn, rye and malted barley distilled across doubler, column, kettle and pot stills. This creates flavour profiles similar to Scotch, American and Canadian style whiskies. The whiskies used in this blend are between 7 and 16 years old. Unlike most other distilleries the entire production process process from mashing to bottling happens at the Fuji distillery. The nose is of ripe peach, apricot, orange liqueur, delicately fruity with a hint of honey and oatmeal cookies. On the palate the flavours are of delicate yet vivid fruits, pear, apple, apricot and white grapes the finish is delicately sweet and fruity with a rich aftertaste and long silky finish.

Yamazakura Black Label Japanese Fine Blended Whisky

Sasanokawa Shuzo Co. Ltd was founded in 1765 and started producing whisky in 1946. The Yamazakura is a ji-whisky made by Sasanokawa Shuzo Co.This particular Black Label bottle is a new Yamazakura product that was released in 2015. Smooth after taste is refreshing with a hint of sweetness. Enjoyable both on the rocks or neat.

Yamazakura 963 Red Label Sherry Japanese Whisky

Sasanokawa is the oldest sake brewery in Japan's northeastern Tohoku region, with a history stretching back to 1765. Around 180 years later, in 1946, they branched out into whiskey, eventually launching the Cherry Whisky and Yamazakura brands. They're also famous for helping out Ichiro Akuto launch his Ichiro's Malt brand, as they held on to the casks from the defunct Hanyu Distillery that went under in 2004.Deep in the mountains of Fukushima lies Asaka, the site of their distillery that's been refreshed with new equipment and operating as the re-branded "Asaka Distillery". 963 Red Label is a beautiful Malt & Grain Japanese whisky finished in a sherry cask.

Yamazakura Fine Blended Whisky

Yamazakura Fine Blended Whisky 40% 700mlDistillery: Sasanokawa Shuzo Co. Asaka Distillery ABV: 40% Tasting notes:Orange blossoms on the nose, followed by oak, caramel, and fresh orchard fruit on the palate. Bringing serene balance and depth, this is a bottle from Japans new generation distilleries.Yamazakura - Sasanokawa Shuzo Co. chose the name Yamazakura to launch the distillerys premium whisky range because it is a combination of two important Japanese symbols in culture and society: Yama is the Japanese term for mountain, signifying the strength and poise of the spirit, while Sakura refers to cherry-trees, to relate the ephemeral beauty of the stunning blossom to the quality and sophistication of the whisky.About the Distillery:Sasanokawa Shuzos sake and shochu making dates back all the way to 1710. However, almost 200 years later, they decided to dive into the whisky making market in 1946 thus setting up Asaka Distillery. Their quality was able to stand toe to toe with large rivals like Nikka and Suntory in the northeast region of Japan. Most importantly, Sasanokawa Shuzo were also the ones who famously helped Ichiro Akuto (Ichiros Malt / Hanyu Distillery) save his whisky stocks and allowing him to build the Ichiros Malt brand. The distillerys mash tun and 5 washbacks are all stainless steel. Unlike other Japanese whisky distilleries using imported Forsyths stills, Asaka went with two copper pot stills made right here in Japan by Miyake Seisakusho. The wash still is 2000L, and spirit still 1000L, both using percolators for heating. The whisky is mostly non-peated and will be rested in primarily bourbon casks but also some sherry and wine casks.It's worth noting that the Chichibu Distillery and the Asaka Distillery have a relationship. Ichiro Akuto-san asked Sasanokawa Shuzo to store the leftover casks of the defunct Hanyu Distillery until he could get Chichibu up and running. So basically, Chichibu owes Asaka a favor! Ichiro Akuto-san brought back most of the casks and released his now highly sought after first release, the Ichiros Malt Series (otherwise known as the card series!). In fact, the Sasakanokawa Shuzo facility still has Hanyu casks in storage!

The Shinobu Pure Malt Japanese Whisky

Shinobu Whisky is hand crafted by the creative distiller, Mr. Usami, by carefully selecting whisky from around the world which are first reserved in ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks and then finishing them with precious Japanese Mizunara oak in Japan. The result is a unique fusion of flavours and dynamic explosion in palate yet so smooth and easy to drink. All natural with no colouring.

Mars Iwai Bourbon Barrel Japanese Whisky

One of only two whiskies available from the Mars range, the Mars Iwai Bourbon Barrel Japanese Whisky displays beautiful amber gold hues, with hints of rose. Light, floral and sweet on the nose, deepened by cherries, roasted coconut and dark cacao. Extra sweetness experienced with notes of honey suckle and marshmellows. Palate is soft, gingerbread, raspberry and spiced honey make for a delicious first sip. Underlying flavours of dried fig and allspice give it that extra kick. Wonderful finish of spiced port and ginger.