Barbadillo Pedro Ximinez

Champion of the affordable quality Sherry, Barbadillo Pedro Ximinez is a fresh, vibrant and rich authentic PX from within the famed 'Jerez Triangle. Thick, dark and sweet, this viscous Sherry is delicious with full-flavoured cheeses or dried fruit, it can also be chilled and sipped as the sun goes down.

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Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry

A British classic - blending some of Jerez's finest Sherries: fino, amontillados and olorosos. This provides a smooth and silky mellow finish with a rich complex palate.

Barbadillo Fino

Pale straw gold in colour, a crisp almond bouquet and a refreshing taste. It is perfect as an aperitif or may be served with fish, cheese and

Barbadillo Oloroso

Aromatic and flavoursome, this dry Oloroso Sherry from Barbadillo is the result of the very long maturing process in the traditional Solera System. Velvety and smooth this is an excellent after dinner drink!

Barbadillo Amontillado

Barbadillo Amontillado begins as a Manzanilla, however, during 3 years in the Solera system, yeast on the surface of the wine consumes all the sugars and dies away, wine begins to oxidise and turns a deep golden colour. After a further 3 years, the wine is blended with a little Pedro Ximenez and fortified to 17%.

Barbadillo Eva Cream Sherry

Barbadillo, established in 1821 and still family-owned are one of the most important wineries in the Jerez region in south-western Spain. With substantial properties in the 'Jerez Triangle'. The lovely sweet and concentrated Eva Cream Sherry is a pure delight to the sense. Lusciously sweet without being too heavy on the palate, the Eva is perfect for matching with light desserts.

Gonzales Byass Elegante Fino

A light, delicate Sherry showing a slight dryness on the finish. The perfect match for soups.

Gonzales Byass Elegante Sweet Cream

Deliciously sweet but not cloying it finishes clean with great length. A delightful cream Sherry that needs to be tried by every enthusiast.

Gonzales Byass Elegante Amontillado

A partnership between Manuel Maria Gonzalez Angel and Robert Black Byass dates back to 1835 and was the birth of Gonzalez Byass in Jerez, Spain. Their Amontillado shows nutty aromas and a touch of baked goods and a palate of salted nuts and spice.