Dashfire Bitters Bay Leaf Tincture

Savoury floral notes in this tincture, great addition to make a unique savoury cocktail, or even use in your cooking.

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Angostura Bitters

The perfect addition to a tall cocktail or non-alcoholic drinks, bitters gives any beverage an aromatic lift. The most common use for bitters is in the classic Lemon, Lime and Bitters: rim a glass with 5 or 6 dashes of bitters, add ice and swirl to coat the glass. Fill with lemonade and 15mL of lime cordial or lime juice. Garnish with a slice of lemon or lime and you have one of the world's favourite mixed drinks.

Regan's Orange Bitters

Upon difficulty finding orange bitters to suit his discernible palate, noted sprits reviewer, writer, and former bartender Gary Gaz Regan decided to make his own. After spending considerable time trying to come up with a suitable recipe, Gaz entered into a partnership with The Sazerac Company to create his beloved orange bitters. A team of Sazerac scientists worked on the project, and finally after much trial and error, Regans Orange Bitters No. 6 was born.

Peychaud's Bitters

Peychauds Bitters are produced according to the original recipe at Buffalo Trace Distillery. Its taste is sweet with slight hints of cherry, clove and nutmeg on the nose. Paychaud's is an important element in the Sazerac Cocktail and can also be used in a Manhattan, an Old-Fashioned and many other classic cocktails.

Hella Citrus Bitters

Hella Citrus is different to other orange bitters on the market. It is slightly more concentrated and noticeably more citrusy than other bitters in its class. Rather than focus on a single fruit, Hella use as many as nine types of citrus pith for this recipe. The result is full, bright and aromatic - Fantastic in your cooking too.

Bob's Vanilla Bitters

Naturally distinctive perfume of Tahitian vanilla pods with subtle fragrant hints of cacao and bitter chocolate finish.

Bob's Abbotts Bitters

Naturally distinctive perfume of Tahitian vanilla pods with subtle fragrant hints of cacao and bitter chocolate finish. An intriguing mix of ingredients that come alive in the mouth, very aromatic, complex and well-rounded, Abbotts enhances the individual flavours rather than overpowering them.

Scrappy's Bitters Lime

Intense, fresh organic lime, probably on of the most versatile bitters around.

Bob's Lavender Bitters

A fresh sweet floral flavour with lemon citrus aroma and traces of Rosemary wood. It sits well in any number of drinks using Gin, Vodka and Tequila.

Bob's Cardamon Bitters

The robust aroma of cardamom combines well with underlying hints of lemon and eucalyptus and a trace of sweetness offset by a sharp bitterness.

The Bitter Truth Lemon

The Bitter Truths Lemon Bitters was the first lemon bitters on the national and international market when released in 2006. The Lemon Bitters is fresh, fruity and tangy with an intense citrus aroma and flavourful notes of coriander and cardamom. Primarily suited for drinks based on clear sprits like Gin, Vodka, Blanco Tequila and Light Rum but works well with most drinks.