Dashfire Bitters Bay Leaf Tincture

Savoury floral notes in this tincture, great addition to make a unique savoury cocktail, or even use in your cooking.

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Dashfire Bitters Cinnamon Tincture

A perfect ingredient for winter cocktails, hot toddies or desserts, the rich flavour of cinnamon is a welcome addition.

Dashfire Bitters Cardamom Tincture

Honouring the traditional Old Fashioned and its many spirited versions, this cold weather bitter will be sure to round out your cocktail.

Dashfire Bitters Grapefruit Tincture

Great with tequila and white rum, grapefruit tincture adds a lovely bitter peel flavour to cocktails.

Dashfire Bitters Clove Tincture

Bitter and fragrant, add some drops of this clove tincture to dark spirit cocktails to add spice.

Angostura Bitters

The perfect addition to a tall cocktail or non-alcoholic drinks, bitters gives any beverage an aromatic lift. The most common use for bitters is in the classic Lemon, Lime and Bitters: rim a glass with 5 or 6 dashes of bitters, add ice and swirl to coat the glass. Fill with lemonade and 15mL of lime cordial or lime juice. Garnish with a slice of lemon or lime and you have one of the world's favourite mixed drinks.

Dashfire Bitters Hibiscus Tincture

Tangy and floral, use a few drops of hibiscus extract in cocktails to add a fruity note.

Dashfire Bitters Star Anise Tincture

Used in cuisines all over the world, star anise can be used in mulled wine, Asian cooking, 5 spice cocktails, and give a great aniseed flavour.

Bittercube Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters

Aromatic and potent, with hints of cherry, cocoa and Madagascar vanilla. The cherry aroma comes from wild cherry bark, and from Syrian cherry pits. The bitters have an interesting aroma of cocoa and bitter almonds. Applications: Manhattans, Highballs, Old Fashioneds, Sours.

18.21 Java Bitters

Crafted with Intelligentsia El Diablo beans, these coffee flavoured bitters are heavy, dark and add a complex flavour to your cocktails. This pairs really well with Fernets, nutty liquors and coffee liquors.

Hella Citrus Bitters

Hella Citrus is different to other orange bitters on the market. It is slightly more concentrated and noticeably more citrusy than other bitters in its class. Rather than focus on a single fruit, Hella use as many as nine types of citrus pith for this recipe. The result is full, bright and aromatic - Fantastic in your cooking too.