Dashfire Bitters Allspice Tincture

Use a drop of allspice tincture to add a delicious aromatic quality to your cocktails. Perfect with dark rum, aged tequila & whisky

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Dashfire Bitters Lavender Tincture

Lovely with gin and lemon, lavender tincture will be sure to add a delicious floral note which will take your cocktails or desserts to the next level.

Dashfire Bitters Cinnamon Tincture

A perfect ingredient for winter cocktails, hot toddies or desserts, the rich flavour of cinnamon is a welcome addition.

Dashfire Bitters Lemon Tincture

Strong citrus oil flavour in this tincture. Great with aged tequila old fashioneds.

Dashfire Bitters Cardamom Tincture

Honouring the traditional Old Fashioned and its many spirited versions, this cold weather bitter will be sure to round out your cocktail.

Dashfire Bitters Grapefruit Tincture

Great with tequila and white rum, grapefruit tincture adds a lovely bitter peel flavour to cocktails.

Dashfire Bitters Hibiscus Tincture

Tangy and floral, use a few drops of hibiscus extract in cocktails to add a fruity note.

Angostura Bitters

The perfect addition to a tall cocktail or non-alcoholic drinks, bitters gives any beverage an aromatic lift. The most common use for bitters is in the classic Lemon, Lime and Bitters: rim a glass with 5 or 6 dashes of bitters, add ice and swirl to coat the glass. Fill with lemonade and 15mL of lime cordial or lime juice. Garnish with a slice of lemon or lime and you have one of the world's favourite mixed drinks.

Regan's Orange Bitters

Upon difficulty finding orange bitters to suit his discernible palate, noted sprits reviewer, writer, and former bartender Gary Gaz Regan decided to make his own. After spending considerable time trying to come up with a suitable recipe, Gaz entered into a partnership with The Sazerac Company to create his beloved orange bitters. A team of Sazerac scientists worked on the project, and finally after much trial and error, Regans Orange Bitters No. 6 was born.

Bittercube Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters

Aromatic and potent, with hints of cherry, cocoa and Madagascar vanilla. The cherry aroma comes from wild cherry bark, and from Syrian cherry pits. The bitters have an interesting aroma of cocoa and bitter almonds. Applications: Manhattans, Highballs, Old Fashioneds, Sours.

Australian Bitters Company Aromatic Bitters

Handcrafted using 20 natural botanicals, Australian Bitters Company Aromatic Bitters is very versatile and can be used in a range of cocktails recipes. Add a few drops in a Martini or a Manhattan and give the good old recipes a nice little twist.