Little Creatures Pale Ale

A unique blend of premium hops drive an intense citrus and grapefruit aroma and flavour in this Pale Ale - balanced with a careful selection of speciality malts. Preservative and additive free, this beer is live-yeast conditioned in bottles and kegs, providing unmatched freshness and character. From brewing to release, a batch of Little Creatures Pale Ale takes about six weeks, allowing for two weeks conditioning in the bottle after packaging. No artificial additives are included, just great ingredients. Pour it into a glass to enjoy it at its best!

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Little Creatures Seasonal Long Days Little IPA

Hot weather is coming: time for a hoppy approachable beer in a can? This hop centred flavoursome beer is the perfect moderation for maximum Summer refreshment. An easy drinking modest Beer, with copious amounts of Simcoe hopping, make this a big passion fruit, citrussy delight.

Little Creatures XPA

Little Creatures has been brewing Pale Ale since they first opened the doors to the Fremantle Brewery in November 2000. The recipe hasn't changed, but they wanted to brew a Pale Ale with extra...everything. With liberal additions of Cascade, Willamette and Chinook hops, as well as a dose of dry hops, this is a tasty treat indeed. As it hits your tastebuds; citrus, grapefruit and pine hoppy goodness fills your mouth.

White Rabbit Dark Ale

Brewed out of the old 'Little Creatures' Brewery that was carted across the country from Fremantle, this great dark ale has a great intensity with sweet tones. Medium hops with caramel and toffee notes that lingers for considerable time.

Hawkers XPA

A bright and refreshing beer with a big hop presence, delivering layers of tropical, floral, and fruity aromas.

Moo Brew Hefeweizen

Artisan brewers in Hobart, Moo Brew, are situated on the Derwent River is what is possibly the most picturesque location of any craft brewery in the country. It is here that the richly flavoured Hefeweizen is hand-crafted. Paying homage to the classic Bavarian style, the Moo Brew Hefeweizen is naturally cloudy with a vibrant yellow colour with strong and solid head retention.

Burleigh Brewing Co My Wife's Bitter

My Wife's Bitter is a new take on the English Bitter style that has been filtered through local lava rock! Named after Brew Master Brennan Fielding's wife Peta, she simply wanted a beer to be named for her, not after her. My Wife's Bitter has a bright golden colour with lovely sweet citrus aromas and flavours. Brewed by the talented crew at Burleigh Brewing, don't miss out on this new addition to the craft beer range.

Coopers Session Ale

Coopers Session Ale is a refreshing summer style naturally conditioned ale that delivers tropical fruit notes with a distinct dry hop character and mild bitterness.

Gage Roads Single Fin Summer Ale

More refreshing than a face full of Freo Doctor, this Gage Roads Single Fin beer is brewed with sun drenched summer days in mind: light-bodied and chock full of aromatic Galaxy and Enigma hops.

Little Creatures Stout

Rich, earthy, dark fruits combine with chocolate and roast to create a balanced, smooth Stout, combined with our little hoppy hallmark. US Loral has been used in combination with Fuggle hops to get that noble, earthy, dark fruit quality that provides the signature Creatures Stoutiness.

Goose Island IPA

Goose Island's flagship IPA is a six-time medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival, and a recent medalist at the Australian International Beer Awards. Goose Island have taken a traditional English style and created their own fuller flavoured IPA that packs a hoppy punch.