Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Goose's Smooth Selection

A sweet entry with dried apple and pear that fades into toasted oak and caramel. The finish brings out subtle spice with a crisp, clean toasted oak finish.
This product is not currently available.

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Jack Daniel's Legacy Edition 1 Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniels is known for being a well-crafted, smooth sippin Tennessee Whiskey. You dont last for over 150 years if youre not a quality product, after all. Known for the iconic black and white label, but what people may not know is that the history of our label wasnt always so black and white.Some time before 1904 our bottles were a rather unexpected shade of green with an eye-catching gold trim. And as unusual as that may seem, its just one of the many labels in Old No. 7s past.

Jack Daniel's Legacy Edition 3 Tennessee Whiskey

Introducing the 3rd release in our Limited Edition Legacy Series a celebration of Mr. Jack Daniels high standard of quality and his Fine Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. The label itself is inspired by a pre-Prohibition design, a visual nod to one of Jacks most enduring lessons: Every day we make it, well make it the best we can. The illustration of the grain doesnt depict the predominant ingredient in the mash bill, corn, but rather barley or rye, perhaps because of the elegant way that they surround Jacks trademark with laurels of a sort. And naturally the words themselves speak to Jacks unwavering commitment to making the best whiskey he could, words such as distilled from select grains, and the bold addition of fine before the ever-present Old No. 7.