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Feral Karma Citra - Related products

Wayward India Pale Ale Can

Colonial Brewing Co IPA

Experience the taste of summer and long days at the beach with Colonial IPA Can. Produced with 100% Australian hops and delightfully golden in colour, the aromas and flavours of tropical fruit and subtle pine notes will become a firm favourite for IPA fans.

Sauce Extra Hop IPA Can

Balter IPA Can

Its clean hoppy base offers a relentless, yet refined bitterness complemented by pine and citrus aromatics and broad suit driven palate.

Sauce Extra Hop Sauce IPA Can

Yulli's Brews Amanda Mandarin IPA

This American style IPA is layered with a range of mandarin flavour from a carefully selected malt & hop bill, and about 100 cold pressed mandarins blended with a concoction of orange peel liqueur (Cointreau). The result is a super drinkable, fruit driven IPA with an assertive mandarin peel bitterness and dry mouthfeel. The perfect seasonal IPA making use of our favourite citrus fruit.

Modus Operandi Sonic Prayer IPA

Sonic Prayer from Modus Operandi is an award-winning IPA with a hoppy profile youll fall in love with. Expect aromas of citrus and tropical fruit, followed by a malty body with a hint of bitterness at the end. An instantly satisfying drink.

Green Beacon Brewing Co Windjammer IPA

Green Beacon Brewing Co Windjammer IPA has juicy citrus and pine with firm hop bitterness on palate.

Newstead India Pale Ale

Little brings more satisfaction than beating yanks at their own game. Pale, biscuit and caramel malts add Australian stubbornness to a classic, overbearing U.S. hop bill. Proving that a strategic alliance can work when it suits, this bilateral ale is all Aussie at heart.

Coopers Extra Stout

Coopers Extra Stout is a beacon for lovers of a hearty brew. With its robust flavour comprising a blend of fruit, chocolate and hop bitter notes it's everything a stout should be. Brewed naturally using a top fermentation method, this beer's unique rich, dark texture comes from specially roasted black malt.