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Nikka Coffey Vodka

This refined vodka is the purest expression of the signature “Coffey Stills” which produce Nikka Whisky’s outstanding grain whiskies. With decades of experience in distilling white spirits as well as whisky, Nikka’s vodka perfectly captures the extremely smooth and delicate taste of the Coffey-distilled corn and barley spirits. Each spirit is distilled separately and skillfully blended. The formula is perfected with minimal filtration using white birch charcoal to deliver precise balance and mellow texture.

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Eiko Japanese Vodka

EIKO means SAMURAI GLORY in Japanese.Made in Hokkaido at Asahikawa Distillery using 100% corn.

Ukiyo Kuroko Vodka

Drawing on over a century of distilling wisdom, Ukiyo Japanese Rice Vodka is born in Kagoshima from a base of locally grown rice that is distilled into a traditional shch spirit. Using our shch rice spirit we redistill to make a pure rice vodka, mindful to add only wisdom, strength and time borrowed from over 100 years of distillery heritage.

Kyoto Nishijin Ori Red Belt Whisky

An exquisite blend of selected malt whiskies and grain whiskies. Taste the spread of the sweet vanilla-like aroma throughout the mouth. Enjoy the well-balanced taste with any drinking style.

Rihei Ginger Single Distilled Shochu

From the fourth-generation family-run and award-winning Ochiai Distillery in the Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan, this Honkaku shch meaning single-distilled, is handcrafted and produced from premium ginger, rice and barley. It is a crisp, dry and spicy shch made with 20% natural ginger. It makes the perfect cocktail, or serve it straight or on the rocks.

Four Fox Sakè

Four Fox Sakè aims to be elevate this timeless drink to the status it deserves. It is time for the world to discover what Japan has known for millennia. Sakè is not a drink to be only enjoyed in restaurants. It is a drink to be celebrated, in a class of its own.

Ukiyo Blossom Gin

Drawing on over a century of distilling wisdom, Ukiyo Japanese Blossom Gin is born in Kagoshima from a base of locally grown rice that is distilled into a traditional shch spirit. We redistill our shch with juniper, regional citrus, cherry blossom and native botanicals, always exercising restraint in the pursuit of clarity and perfection. The fruits of this endeavour are born out in the delicate blossom aroma that emulate those found in the mountains and coastline surrounding our home in Kagoshima.

The Shin Blended Japanese Whisky

The Shin Blended Whisky is crafted by Mr. Ken Usami, the master blender of Shinobu Distillery who selected finest malt whiskies and finished them in casks made of Japanese Oak, Mizunara Wood. “Shin” stands for “Integrity”, one of the core principles of Samurai tradition.The blended expression contains 50% malt and 50% grain. The result is a unique fusion of flavours and dynamic explosion in palate yet so smooth and easy to drink. Subtle chocolate and hazelnuts teamed with soft citrus notes. All natural with no colouring.Elegant balance of smooth malt and harmonious mix of sweet spices. With a hint of vanilla, caramel, and delicate fruity flavour note. The palate displays subtle sweetness, with toasted bread flavour and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Woody aftertaste with oriental sandalwood aroma on the finish.

Kenbishi Zuisho Junmai

Denshin Yuki Junmai Ginjo Japanese Sake

This sake features a calm fragrance and pure crisp taste that gives you a sense of a quiet, snow-covered sake factory.

Kurayoshi The San-in Blended Japanese Whisky