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Goose Island Halia - Related products

Blackwood Valley Bre Chestnut Ale

This ale is made with the finest Chestnuts cultivated at Chestnut Brae in Nannup, Western Australia. It is a full bodied Brown Ale, displaying subtle nutty and toasted characters with English malts and noble hops. The aromas of toffee and caramel combine with the unique roast chestnut flavour to make it a distinctive, luxurious ale to be enjoyed as you would a good red wine, on its own or with fine food such as stroganoff, steak or roast beef or lamb dishes.Blackwood Chestnut Ale, 5.5% abv. It was awarded a gold medal at the 2017 International Beer Awards.

Carlton Dry Low Carb Beer

BrewiColo Brewing Co Ocean Grove Lager

Our Ocean Grove Lager is a relaxed, easy drinking, no-fuss pilsner especially crafted to represent our beachside home town. This is a simple and laid-back Brewi!

Delatite Estate Pinot Gris

El Sueno Watermelon Liqueur

A fresh burst of natural sweet watermelon followed by hints of Agave and citrus.

Grainshaker Corn Vodka

Famous for the flavour it gives to American whisky, it is being celebrated in new spirits like vodka. Corn brings softness, and a mellow caramel hint to the spirit.

Grant Burge Pinot Noir Chardonnay

Grant Burge, while normally known for full bodied reds, produce an exceptional sparkling here with an attractive nose of strawberry, stone fruit and biscuity notes leads to a richly flavoured, generous palate with a creamy mouth feel and beautifully crisp finish.

Mercury Hard Cider

Ambra Limoncello

Ambra Limoncello lemon liqueur is made from a family recipe using a centuries-old process with the very best ingredients, and is totally free from preservatives. Owing to its fragrance, fresh taste it is best served chilled neat as a digestive or as an aperitif mixed with tonic or soda.

Somersby Apple Cider

Somersby Apple Cider is an invigorating and refreshing cider made from quality fermented apple juice and natural apple flavouring. There are no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colourings used in the making of this premium cider whose unique taste makes it a tasty and natural choice for the relaxed moments with your friends.