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Untold Rum Spiced Rum - Related products

Bundaberg U P Rum

First distilled in 1888, Bundaberg Rum is as Australian as it gets. Aged for a minimum of two years, this great rum made from 100% Queensland sugar cane shows evocative flavours of molasses and caramel.

Capricorn Spiced

Capricorn Spiced is a finely crafted, small batch distillation of Central Queensland molasses. Weve left to age in European and American Oak barrels it matures quickly in the tropical heat to produce a dark and hearty spirit. Mixed with a traditional bill of spices that has an Australian twist to it, it drinks superbly straight up, with Ginger Beer and Lime, or in a cocktail. Capricorn Spiced has no added chemicals and is made from all natural ingredients.

Bundaberg OP Rum

In many ways Bundaberg's O.P. is similar to the Underproof, but delivers an extra degree of intensity at all levels.

Bundaberg Red Rum

Bundaberg Red is the first Rum to be filtered with Red Gum. Bundaberg Red has been crafted to deliver an incredibly smooth taste while retaining the unique character for which Bundaberg Rum is famous. Bottled here in a larger 1L bottle for the true lover of Bundy Red, and also a great addition to any bar.

Bundaberg Small Batch Spiced Rum

The Great Lengths: A story 130 Years in the making The makers of award winning World's best rums begin by selecting the finest aged Bundaberg Rum, then expertly blend with enchanted reserves mellowed to perfection in heavily charred American Oak barrels. The finishing touch is notes of 13 spices, fruit nectars and citrus zest. Bundaberg Rum Small Batch Spiced: a perfectly balanced, yet intricately complex spiced rum. Enjoy neat over chiselled ice or mix with ginger beer and a twist of lime for a deliciously refreshing tasting Bundaberg Rum Small Batch Spiced Dark & Stormy.

Milton Rum Distillery Spanish Inspired Dark

Our Spanish-Inspired Dark Cane Spirit carries a maturity beyond its years. This spirit is designed to showcase our innovation and our unique approach to our spirit. The spirit, matured with heavy-charred oak staves from ex-bourbon barrels, provides a distinct smokiness that encapsulates the distinction of aged Spanish rums.A nose of light citrus, overripe banana, vanilla, hickory smoke, nutmeg and spice.The palate consists of vanilla and matured oak. Chocolate, spice and vanilla round off the finish, providing a viscous and clean mouthfeel.The Milton Rum Distillery has re-awakened 150 year old rum making techniques, to create premium quality, new make cane spirits.

Illegal Tender Rum Co

For the Hard to buy for member of the family, or perhaps for yourself!Sit back and enjoy all three of our award winning products in one beautifully presented gift box. After many months of meticulous planning we are stoked to present this beautiful gift set.When quality counts! why not get yourself a 3 pack of our distilled Excellence? With 1 bottle of each of our Premium Spirits Spiced, 1808 Barely Legal & Distillers Cut- its a sure way to be certain that your liquor cabinet or home bar is well stocked with Australian Spirits. With 16 International Spirit Awards to date, you can be assured of Quality.1x 200ml Spiced1x 200ml 1808 Barely Legal1x 200ml Distillers Cut

Mt Uncle Distillery FNQ Rum Co Platinum White Rum

Platinum Cane Spirit is made from sugar cane syrup and boasts fresh, light hypnotic elements resulting in an sensory tactile experience. For complete clarity the distillate is filtered through Cairns Tablelands volcanic rock.

7K Distillery Amante Spiritus - Lover's Spirit

Amante Spiritus (or if you don't speak Latin, Lover's Spirit) is an invigorating mixture of vapour-distilled anise botanicals and locally harvested elderberries. These ingredients combine to create a harmonious taste that is rich on the palate, bringing a sweet and sensuous experience with each sip. Flaunting a deep, ruby red hue, Amante Spiritus is not to be mistaken for a sweet liqueur. This spirit is a carefully balanced blend that requires a delicate pairingand as the name implies, it should certainly be enjoyed in the company of a lover. Whether you enjoy it as an aperitif, an after dinner spirit, or even blended in the perfect cocktail, Amante Spiritus holds no bounds in its usefulnessthough we can vouch for simply pouring it on the rocks with a hint of lime, then slipping into the tub with your main squeeze.

Jameson Irish Whiskey Smooth Dry & Lime

Jameson Smooth Dry & Lime is a unique blend of smooth triple distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey with perfectly balanced Dry & Lime makes for a refreshing twist on this classic combination. Enjoy chilled from the bottle or over ice.