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Redbreast 21 Year Old - Related products

Hibiki Blossom Harmony Limited Edition

In Japanese, everything finds its place, this release cherish the nature, culture and mindset of Japan coming together to the un-paralleled end piece that is Hibiki. Born in 1989, Hibiki is created with Passion for quality & innovation. Achieve harmonious co-existence with the world and nature. Treasure inherited whiskies & thriving to make new flavours which will blossom in the next generation. Whiskies that are a reflection of each artisans gift for the future.

Yuza Second Edition Single Malt Japanese Whisky Non-Vintage

Very Olde St. Nick Ancient 8 Year Old Rye Whiskey

Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask 8 year old rye whiskey is a rare bottling of a first-class Canadian rye whiskey released exclusively for the Japanese market. This legendary rye whiskey was crafted and bottled using crystal clear water, the finest quality ingredients and small premium charred oak barrels, giving it a unique and smooth flavour. This edition of the Ancient Cask 8 Year Old Rye is stupendous. Golden straw in colour and lusciously smooth it's a bit of a dichotomy on the palate. It has tremendous sweetness and weight, but immense rye spice at the same time. The Old St Nick legend has taken on a life of its own with many claiming inside information, or knowledge about who first developed the product and why, it’s original pedigree, the source of its bourbons, and the story behind the eclectic style. The Very Olde St Nick myth is a reality with a wonderful story…in fact many stories. As many as the infinite miniscule number of releases from this highly prized producer for more than 30 years!! Very Olde St. Nick is a whiskey label that was originally bottled by Julian Van Winkle and Kentucky Bourbon Distillers exclusively for the Japanese export market back in the early 2000s. Back then, the Japanese market was much more interested in aged bourbons and ryes than the the American market.

Suntory Hibiki Blender's Choice Whisky Whisky Non-Vintage

SUNTORY Hibiki Blender's Choice Whisky 43% ABV Whisky, Japan

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Caddy - Bobo & Fletcher Edition

A unique collaboration between two key figures in the story of Jack Daniel's with former Master Distiller Frank Bobo and his grandson, Assistant Master Distiller Chris Fletcher joining for a final time to select a series of unique barrels for Australia. These were personally selected by Frank and Chris, and showcase the three flavour styles the brand offers, easily identifiable by their profile being either 'Smooth', 'Balanced' or 'Bold'.Presented in a limited edition caddy set made from real Jack Daniel's barrel oak, these sets feature one of each of the Single Barrel flavour styles.

Single Malts of Scotland Ardmore (23 Year Old)

78 Degrees Native Grain Whiskey

Our Native Grain is the first whiskey in the world ever to be made with Australian native cereal grains. We've used hand-harvested weeping grass - cultivated by Aboriginal Australians for tens of thousands of years and offering a dry, grassy spice - to create the world's first truly Australian Whiskey, matured exclusively in South Australian French oak cabernet sauvignon casks.

Port Askaig 28 Year Old

Akkeshi Taisetsu Single Malt Japanese Whisky () Non-Vintage

G&M Connoisseurs Choice Linkwood