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Writers Tears Red Head - Related products

23rd Street Distillery Batch 2 Australian Single Malt Whisky

Our second all Australian Whisky release: the youngster stretches its legs. This is the distillers art of mastery plus patience, wrought in copper and oak for a minimum of 3 years. Whispers of Kangaroo Islands rippling barley fields, and the purifying heights of six-metre stills. Remembrances of golden Riverland summers. Savour with all your senses.

Limeburners Single Malt Whisky

Made and bottled in Albany, WA this complex and elegant single malt whisky is distilled in traditional small batch copper pot stills from local barley. Thjis malt is aged in American brandy casks before being finished in sherry casks. Initially aged in American oak ex-bourbon casks followed by aging in Australian sherry casks, this is a special whisky filled to the brim with character. A medium, tending full bodied whisky, filled with intense rasinous fruit, subtle vanilla character and measured savoury spice. Available in selected stores only, very limited stock.

Mt Uncle Distillery Watkins Whisky Co Single Malt

Made using a tradition family recipe and Queensland barley aged for 7 years in ex redwine reconditioned French Oak barriques with American oak heads. This whisky displays rich luxurious amber colour, sweet honey and spice on the nose. Complex sherry, port and vanilla on the palate. Perfect for celebrating births, weddings, wakes and anything in between.

Starward UNEXPEATED Single Malt Whisky

The latest Starward Projects release, UNEXPEATED is a limited release whisky that has seen the old world and new worlds collide. We started with our juicy signature red wine barrel aged single malt whisky. Then we swerved from the expected. Heavily peated whisky barrels direct from Islays finest distilleries gave our whisky a maritime peat character never yet tasted in Starward whiskies.

Manly Spirits Coastal Stone Sherry Whisky

Coastal Stone Whisky is an expression of the maritime elements & raw nature of the Australian coast, combined with the desire to create a whisky that exceeds expectations. Distilled on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, expertly crafted with a balance of tradition and innovation. A refined spirit that respects our Sydney climate, created from grain to glass with no shortcuts, no strict timelines, just premium ingredients with true artisinal skill. Captured in contemporary glass, sculptured with the eroded textures of weathered sandstone cliffs that border our coastline & sealed with a truly unique Sydney sandstone stopper.

Corowa Distilling Co. Mad Dog Morgan Whisky

Corowa Distilling Co. The Mad Dog Morgan 46% 500 mlDan Mad Dog Morgan was a ruthless renegade that long ago roamed the Corowa region. Mad Dog wasn't your typical bushranger and this isn't your typical whisky. On the nose; cinnamon, ginger honey, orange and floral notesOn the palate; oaky with spice, honey, orange, burnt caramel and raisinsFor the finish; long and sweet with a hint of vanilla.

Starward Peated Finish

Tropical fruits, toasted oak with lingering smoky peat. Introducing, Peated Finish; Our second, 'new world' take on an old-world whisky style. It's a red wine barrel aged, single malt whisky. Finished in peated barrels, straight off the rugged coast of Islay, Scotland. Melded with Starward's quintessential tropical notes and the smoky and earthy flavours from Islays coastal peat. Expect a whisky that's unlike any other in Australia.

Lark Symphony, Classic & Frogmore Creek Triple Pack

Lark Symphony Nº1 100mlLark Classic Cask 100mlFrogmore Creek Cuvee CaskScan a QR code to enjoy a guided tasting with Craig Johnstone from Lark Distilling Co.

Lark Symphony, Sherry & Christmas Triple Pack

Lark Symphony Nº1 100mlLark Sherry 100mlLark Christmas Cask 100mlScan a QR code to enjoy a guiding tasting with Craig Johnstone from Lark Distilling Co.

Dr Onyx Tonic Wax Platinum Whisky

Each 500ml spirit lid is manually dipped in wax with a silver foil swing tag, presented in a hand wax dripped, thick cardboard cylinder box. As each Gift Box is manually waxed, no two boxes are the same, some minor organic imperfections may be visible.Whisky:Distilleries began producing whisky in the late 18th century. The spelling of the term Whisky alters by country, Scottish, English, Welsh, and Canadian whiskies use Whisky, while the Irish use Whiskey. Scottish Whisky must be aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years, where it is known as the spirit of the Gods. This might explain the Angels Tax, used to describe the amount of whisky lost each year to evaporation during the ageing process. They must be happy little Angels over Scotland. With more than 30 bottles of whisky exported from Scotland each second, theres clearly enough left over for the rest of us whisky lovers. Dr Onyx Just Whisky is the best tonic for those in need of a moment or two of quiet reflection.Serving Suggestions:Serve neat, over ice, with a little water or mixer such as dry ginger ale.