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Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson is a single distillery Irish whiskey based in Dublin. Produced using unmalted grain, Jameson's has a light and delicate flavour and a wonderfully smooth texture. Enjoy on the rocks in a large, open glass, or with your favourite mixers.

Proper No Twelve Irish Whiskey

Introducing Proper No 12. Real Dublin character and smooth Irish Taste, founded by Conor McGregor. Proper No. Twelve is an ultra-smooth and approachable blend, with notes of vanilla, honey and toasted wood.

Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin

Paddy Irish Whiskey

In the whiskey that bears his name, the legendary spirit of Patrick J. OFlaherty lives on today, worldwide. He was Paddy, to his friends, and they were legion. A kindly, generous and beloved fellow, Paddy traveled pub-to-pub across Ireland, selling Cork Distilleries Map of Ireland Whiskey and giving out rounds of free drinks along the way, for more than four decades, but the legend (and the whiskey) became a favorite well beyond Ireland. Before long, international patrons and publicans alike were clamouring for more Paddy, so the whiskeys name was changed to honour the man himself, as global demand increased. Paddys namesake whiskey, triple distilled and aged in the oaken casks of County Cork, Ireland, was always light, balanced and pure. A smooth, accessible whiskey for nearly a quarter millennium, it remains just so today, wherever you enjoy it.

Teeling Small Batch Stout Irish Whiskey

Teeling Whiskey Company and Galway Bay Brewery, one of Ireland's most celebrated craft breweries, have been collaborating for years, on what has now become the cult classic "200 Fathoms" - a modern interpretation of an Imperial Stout, aged just once annually in Teeling's Small Batch barrels.

Blacks Golden Irish Rum

Blacks award-winning Golden Rum was next their second release out of the stills. This is an incredible robust golden rum characterised by the finest single malt Irish whiskey barrels which they were matured in. These are the very same barrels which first aged our 12 year old Blacks Irish Whiskey.On the nose you are transported to a dessert lovers heaven with aromas of butterscotch sauce, banoffee pie and vanilla maple syrup, teamed with underlying layers of candied fruit. Our smooth, rich toffee rum is velvet soft on the palate, boasting flavours of antique mahogany, caramel coated nuts and a fruity light to medium body.


Awarded Ireland's best gin, Dingle Original Gin contains botanicals from a pristine Kerry landscape, including rowan berry, fuschia, bog myrtle, hawthorn and heather. Macerated for 24hrs, the spirit is distilled in a hand beaten copper still with resulting vapors passing through a flavour basket. The distillate is then cut with pure water drawn from a well 240ft below the distillery. Each bottle is hand filled and numbered by batch. Best served over ice with tonic and a wedge of fresh orange.

Blackwater Juniper Irish Gin

Our small batch Irish Gin is rested in casks made from Juniper wood. During this time the spirit takes on a beautiful copper colour and gentle sweetness. Juniper wood and juniper berry working together, that's what makes this gin rather special.

Blackwater No 5 Irish Gin

London dry gin. Blackwater No. 5 is a classic London Dry Gin, distilled from the purest spirit, the finest botanicals and soft local water. It balances the confident juniper notes of a traditional London Dry with bright coriander, warm cinnamon and zesty lemon. Blackwater No. 5 is crisp and elegant, great as a G&T, excellent in a cocktail.

Tullamore DEW 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey

A quality blended Irish Whiskey, Tullamore DEW combines the highest standards, craftmanship, skill and expertise to produce this limited edition 12 year old oak aged marvel. The only way to appreciate such perfection is either neat or on ice.