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Sapporo Premium Beer Can

The original. The icon. Sapporo Premium Beer is a refreshing lager with a crisp, refined flavor and a clean finish. The perfect beer to pair with any meal and any occasion. Discover the perfectly balanced taste that's irresistible to all, as you share rich moments with this masterpiece of the brewer's art. Imported.

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Vale Brewing Lager

Vale Lager is an interpretation of what a new world craft lager should be, approachable, sessionable, balanced and flavoursome. This beer is filtered for smooth and refreshing crispness with medium carbonation. The 100% malted grain profile is a combination of Pilsner, Carapils and Light Munich, whilst the hop bill includes the noble German hop Tettnang, Australian Helga and NZ Pacifica. The sweet malt characters are balanced by the earthy spice and fresh citrus kick and floral notes derived from the hops.

Sapporo Premium Beer (6 Pack)

Sapporo Premium Beer is the drink everyone would want on a weekend night out with friends. Discover the perfectly balanced taste that's irresistible to all, as you share rich moments with this masterpiece of the Brewer's art.

Lucky Beer & 2 Glasses

Brewed at the Lake of a Thousand Islands in China fusing the finest quality malt, hops, rice and water from this pristine region. Includes 2 x bonus glasses, enjoy with Yum-Cha, whilst you are celebrating Chinese New Year 2024 (The Year of the Dragon).

Verhaeghe Duchesse Flanders Red

Flanders red. Red barley, wild yeasts, aged in large oak foeders results in a complex, but refreshing sour beer.

Verhaeghe Duchesse Chocolate

A barred aged Flanders red sour, infused with whole cherries and just a touch of Belgian chocolate. Devine!

Harbin Beer Harbin traditional Beer

Harbin traditional Beer set centuries of brewing experience and unique technology in one,which featured by natural, fresh, and fullbodied fragrance of hops, pure white, delicate, and durable foam, as well as pure and stimulating tasted.

Mc Chouffe Dark Belgian Beer ( )

Mc Chouffe Dark Belgian Beer is perfect for those lovers of dark beer. It has a distinctive flavour, a dark ruby colour, and a fine creamy head to create a very unique beer. Characterised by its spicy aniseed and liquorice flavours but superbly complemented by full-bodied caramel note. Despite all, this beer is surprisingly smooth. It even reveals delicious fruity notes, especially pear, as well as a very slight hint of bitterness at the end of the palate. The story begins in the late 1970s, in the middle of the Vallée des Fées (the Valley of the Fairies), when two brothers-in-law, Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts decided to create their own beer in the garage belonging to Chris’ mother-in-law. With the little money they had at the time, they began what the brewery’s fans now call the “Chouffe Story”. The 1st brew of 49 litres was produced on 27 August 1982.

Young Henry Newtowner (6 Pack)

Young Henry's beer is a true embodiment of creativity, quality and community. With each sip, you'll experience the passion and dedication that goes into every brew. From their refreshing lagers to their hop-forward ales, Young Henry's offers a diverse range of beers to satisfy every palate. Whether you're enjoying a pint at their brewery or exploring their offerings at your local pub, you can trust that you're drinking a beer crafted with care. Young Henry's Newtowner is a refreshing Australian Pale Ale with a balanced blend of citrusy hops and tropical fruit flavors. It has a golden amber colour and a slightly dry finish, making it a great choice for both craft beer beginners and enthusiasts.

Wilson Brewing Co. Draught

Using 100% Premium Ale Malt and HPA Topaz hops. A flavourful, yet refreshing session beer, Wilson Draught has a moderate malt aroma with a medium caramel backbone. The earthy hop bitterness provides a perfect malt balance with a dry finish. Crisp and refreshing like the beers of yester-year! Kilned longer, this malt adds a golden colour with a more pronounced flavour than the Pale malt.

Wilson Brewing Co. Lost Sailor Dark Ale

Dark, roasty and displaying hints of cocoa. Lost Sailor Dark Ale is deceptively light bodied to drink for its colour. One for the true dark ale drinker, this beer tricks your palate by being extremely refreshing and light to drink. Moderate bitterness offsets the sweetness of the darker malts with hints of tropical fruit lingering in the back ground. Lost Sailor Dark Ale is a true favourite of Wilson Brewing Company with a twist on a traditional dark beer.