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Grey Goose L'Orange Vodka - Related products

Martell Blue Swift

Martell Blue Swift is the first-ever cognac VSOP matured in French oak barrels and finished in Kentucky bourbon casks. The delicate notes of candied fruit and plum, found in Martell VSOP, are complemented by the subtle sweetness of vanilla and toasted oak from the bourbon casks. The result is an exceptionally smooth interpretation of the Martell style, with a rounded taste and a unique character the most curious whiskey and cognac lover will enjoy discovering.

Grey Goose Vodka

Now available in a 1L bottle, Grey Goose Vodka is distilled using French wheat from the La Beauce region and made with water from the Gensac that is filtered through champagne limestone; Grey Goose lay claim to make the

Abbe Jean Boyer Boyer Pastis Campagne

Tasting Notes: The Pastis de Campagne is made from a fine eau-de-vie, according to the old ways of Provence winegrowers who preferred it for its part gourmand and fruity, cleaner flavor. Like them, Jean Boyer has added to his country pastis a number of aromatic spices to give the freshness and aromas that one should expect from a pastis.

Tariquet Bas-Armagnac 5 Years Old

Family owned and run since 1912, Tariquet is continuing to make award winning whites wines and Armagnacs on their 900 hectares of immaculately tended vineyards at the foot of the Pyrenees. This 5 year old Armagnac is made of 100% Folle Blanche grapes (the oldest variety in Armagnac), it has aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and dried fruit. the palate is well-balanced, smooth with spices and currants. The finish has spicy undertones, vanilla, prunes and dried fruit.

Tariquet Bas-Armagnac 8 Years Old

Family owned and run since 1912, Tariquet is continuing to make award winning whites wines and Armagnacs on their 900 hectares of immaculately tended vineyards at the foot of the Pyrenees. Most Armagnacs are a blend of grape varieties, this old Armagnac is made of 100% Folle Blanche grapes, the oldest variety in Armagnac.

Jean Fillioux Cognac GC 3-4 Years Le Coq

Light and pleasantly fresh young Grande Champagne Cognac, with floral notes, vine blossom, lime tree, then some fruity notes, citrus peel. To enjoy at any time of the day, perfect for some cocktails and for cooking.

Compagnie Des Indes Spiced Rum

Forget everything you thought you knew about Spiced Rum! Far from the segments clichs, this is not one of those syrupy rums packed with sugar and colourings but rather an authentic rum, with very little added sugar (15g) and no colourings whatsoever. It is a rum from a blend of Dominican Republic (approx. 80%) & Venezuela (approx. 20%), slowly infused with black pepper, ginger, liquorice, vanilla, nutmeg etc for 2 weeks. The rum obtained after maceration is thus naturally spiced and fruity. Whether sipping it on its own or mixing it in a cocktail, it is simply delicious! Tasting Notes: Visual Aspect: COMPAGNIE DES INDES? spiced rum is a deep and powerful light gold colour. It results mostly from the maceration of real botanicals and spices in the rum. The colour in your glass is thus completely natural. Nose: Balanced between the sweetness from the notes of nutmeg, vanilla and the touch of cinnamon and the spicy powerful side with the notes of ginger, pepper and the touch of citruses. It is intoxicating and shows a strong character. Taste: The word Spiced makes complete sense here with first this balanced sweetness soon making way for the citruses and spices such as ras el Hanout and cloves, building up to woody and warming notes of liquorice, tonka bean, vanilla and some vegetal aromas (Thyme, coriander etc?). Finish: cradled in a delicious sweet and salty world, as if floating on Aladdins flying carpet.

Comte de Grasse Gin 44N

First gin distilled on the French Riviera, Inspired by the Perfume Mastery of Grasse. 44N is produced using a unique 3 step cutting edge process. The process is inspired by the high tech extraction and distillation techniques used for making the best perfumes in the world and has never before been used in spirits. The 20 high quality botanicals that go into 44n include Cade (a species of juniper typical to the Mediterranean), Mimosa, Rose Centifolia, Immortelle and Verbena which meld together with our unique process. Top notes The first thing that hits your nose is fresh zingy lemon peel and grapfruit. The aroma of a marine breeze, samphire, is punctuated by touches of mimosa. Cade adds woody, piney facets. Body notes A blooming floral body with hints of Grasse's rose centifolia and jasmine. Jammy facets of bitter orange are countered by the herbaceous punch of angelica. Hints of warm pepper here and there round out the middle notes. Base notes The tangy warm spicy notes of alexanders, underlying all along, allude to the undergrowth where the cade grows freely. Orris and honey ensure a sweet yet musky long-lasting effect on the tongue, holding their end as floral and citrus notes mingle nicely together.

Comte Louis De Lauriston Drouin Le Gin Calvados finish

Three generations of the Drouin family have produced quality Calvados in the Pays d'Auge region, seeking to express the full complexity of the thirty apple varieties in their orchards. Guillaume Drouin has created this hand-crafted Gin using the art of blending developed for classic spirits.

Cognac Francois Voyer Cognac VS

100% Grande Champagne. Distilled with the lees, it ages in new Limousin Oak casks with a medium interior toast for 1 year. The ageing process continues in old barrels or hogsheads in a damp cellar. A progressive reduction is made, with distilled water (max 5% of diminution every 3 months). A blend of of least 2 1/2 year old Cognac.