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Prickly Moses Otway Light - Related products

Mountain Goat Tasty Pale Ale Can

Yeah, quadruple-hopped, barrel-aged, double IPAs brewed with gold leaf and space dust are great, but have you ever had a pale ale? A good pale ale is a beautiful thing, and Tasty Pale Ale is a stunner. With punchy hop flavours of pine and stone fruit from the all-US hop line up, and a full-bodied mouthfeel, this brew is one tasty crowd pleaser.

Port Phillip Brewing Pale Ale

Our American-style Pale Ale combines a traditional malty backbone with an abundance of fruity piney hops. The initial hop aroma gives way to flavour of pine and citrus. 4.6% abv.

O'Brien Pale Ale

OBrien Pale Ale is a 100% gluten free light golden ale with abundant citrus and tropical fruit flavours with a light sweetness. OBrien Pale Ale was Australias first commercially produced gluten free beer and is made from gluten free millet and sorghum malts. It is a full bodied American style pale ale, and has been awarded multiple medals at the Australian International Beer Awards.

3 Ravens Tropical Pale Ale

Crack open your beak and let this cheeky New World Pale Ale cuddle your guts with its pillow-like mouthfeel and tropical lanket of hops.

Two Bays Brewing Pale Ale

This Pale Ale is an easy-drinking American hopped beer with subtle, but beautiful citrus aromas. Brewed with malted millet, rice and buckwheat.

Kaiju Krush Tropical Ale

Kaiju Krush Tropical Ale has a super-clean malt profile that allows the shipload of juicy tropical fruit flavours to arrive on the desert island of your palate unhindered.

Prickly Moses Spotted Ale

This refreshing golden Ale from Prickly Moses has hints of tropical fruit, honey and citrus. It is made to help support the conservation of Tiger Quolls. It is brewed with pure Otway rainwater.

Mountain Goat Summer Ale

Enjoy the fresh, dry aromatic ale brewed by Dave and Cam at Mountain Goat using a blend of new world Kiwi and Aussie hops to create this thirst quenching and flavoursome ale. Roll on summer!

Willie The Boatman Tempe Tim Pale Ale Can

A mid-strength, full bodied pale ale perfect for a sensible session. Tim makes a fine midship man. He'll get you back to port with steady seas and sails full of laughter. A pale, funny and full bodied fella, Tim is a top mate and true Tempe original. We've always got time for Tim.

Crony Pale Ale Can

Perfectly balanced with true aussie flavour, crony ales are brewed to enjoy with those mates who stand by you through thick and thin.