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Bundaberg Rum UP Rum - Related products

Bundaberg Rum & Cola

The traditional flavours of the Bundaberg you know and love cushioned in cola.

Kraken Black Mojito Can

The Kraken Rum gives the classic mojito a dark & fiercely refreshing twist. Crafted with Kraken Black Spiced Rum, blended with natural mint & lime, then topped with soda to create a refreshing, perfectly balanced Black Mojito. Serve chilled, straight from the can or poured over ice with mint and lime.

Bundaberg Zero Sugar & Cola Can

Keeping with the times, Bundaberg have released their own sugar free take on the classic rum and cola. rtd Carton of 24 x 375mL Cans.

Bundaberg U P Rum

First distilled in 1888, Bundaberg Rum is as Australian as it gets. Aged for a minimum of two years, this great rum made from 100% Queensland sugar cane shows evocative flavours of molasses and caramel.

Bundaberg Rum Select VAT

Using the distillery's 120 years of rum-making expertise, the master craftsmen have searched our two-year old Bundaberg Rum reserves and selected a vat that was producing a rum with extra special characteristics. This premium rum was then doubled aged for a minimum of four years in our hand-crafted oak vats until it reached its peak.

Hoochery Distillery Spike's Reserve 15 Years Old Rum

So the man wanted to create a standard of Rum that the world has not seen come out of Australia before. Smooth sophistication. Balance wooded finish. Captivating aromas and enchanting complex palate. Enjoyment 15 years in the making.

Bundaberg Alcoholic Lemon Squash Can

A real-tasting, full-flavoured Lemon Squash made by locals with local ingredients. Bringing fresh delicious classic Lemon together with local Bundaberg cane spirit to create the perfectly balanced, refreshing flavour kick that Aussies love – with the added benefit of cane spirit.

Bundaberg Mutiny Spiced Rum

All of the Bundaberg character you've come to love with the addition of a hint of vanilla and selected spices creating a smooth and aromatic rum.

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

A secret recipe of adventurous spice & natural flavours that are expertly blended with fine Caribbean rum then aged in charred white oak barrels to create a taste and colour as rich as a pocketful of gold doubloons. Notes of rich natural vanilla, brown sugar, dried fruit, warming spices with hints of oak, come together to create a perfectly balanced spirit with a smooth finish. Best served in a tankard over ice, with cola and a slice of lime.

Bundaberg Alcoholic Lemon Lime Bitters Can

Bundaberg Alcoholic Lemon Lime & Betters is a real-tasting, full-flavoured take on the non-alc pub classic made by locals with local ingredients.