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Bundaberg Rum Red & Cola - Related products

Bundaberg OP Rum & Cola

Australia's own 'Over Proof' dark Rum is perfectly blended with cola for your drinking pleasure.

Bundaberg Red Rum & Cola

The Bundaberg Distilling Company owns its own cola-producing facility, which supplies the cola for these premix drinks. Bundaberg Red and Cola is a smoother, richer version of the much loved Aussie favourite.

Bundaberg Master Distillers Collection Small Batch Rum

Bundaberg's Small Batch edition is crafted by blending the finest Bundaberg rums with the richest aged reserves from the distillery, then matured in sweet cognac and brandy barrels. The result is truly a complex creation with exceptional fruit flavours and the perfect balance of vanilla, honey and spice. These bottles are limited with each MDC Small Batch release referencing its batch and bottle number.

Bundaberg Master Distillers Small Batch Vintage Barrel Rum

Small Batch Vintage Barrel is crafted by blending the finest Bundaberg Rum with 8YO rum reserves matured in 100 year old Port barrels. Vintage Barrel is a complex rum with exceptional dried fruit flavours coupled with rich caramel notes, and the depth of American oak.

Bundaberg Rum & Zero Sugar Cola

A smooth-well rounded oak flavour with a distinctive woody aroma, mixed with sweet caramel and subtle notes of toffee and butterscotch.

Beenleigh 5 Year Old Dark Rum

Australia's Rum since 1884, Beenleigh are not only a Queensland tradition, but an Australian icon. Beenleigh Dark is aged for five years which give it its wonderful full-bodied flavour. Richly-toned and packed full of spiced oak and scorched toffee notes, giving way to honey, oak and lingering florals. It is highly recommend you enjoy Beenleigh Dark neat or over ice to savour the unique flavours of this outstanding, aged Australian Rum.

Bundaberg Black 12 Year Old Rum

The magical deep red glow of the Bundaberg Black 12-year-old is a result from the careful ageing process in the distillery. The flavours of warming aromatic clove, nutmeg and rich molasses, which develops into a raisin and honeyed oak finish.

Substation No 41 Rum

This new Australian premium rum, has been commissioned by the rum artisans from Queensland's iconic Breakfast Creek Hotel namesake bar. Substation No. 41 Rum Bar is home to one of the biggest rum collections in the world, housing over 500 different rums. The collective expertise of the rum artisans from this bar has been bottled to deliver a top shelf Rum.

Bundaberg Master Distillers Blenders Edition Rum

A limited edition from Bundaberg's Master Distillers series of the richest rum reserves; the 2015 blend has been crafted with care. It's complex aromas consists of smoky spices, raisins, tobacco and finishes with exceptionally smooth and pleasant aftertaste.

Capricorn Spiced Rum

Capricorn Spiced is a finely crafted, small batch distillation of Central Queensland molasses. We've left to age in European and American Oak barrels it matures quickly in the tropical heat to produce a dark and hearty spirit. Mixed with a traditional bill of spices that has an Australian twist to it, it drinks superbly straight up, with Ginger Beer and Lime, or in a cocktail. Capricorn Spiced has no added chemicals and is made from all natural ingredients.