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The West Winds Gin The Sabre - Related products

Brookie's Byron Dry Gin

Aromatics “The spirit opens on a captivating combination of Citrus notes, led by Aniseed and Cinnamon Myrtle in harmony with a lively drift of Finger and Blood Limes that awakens and stimulates the olfactory system which rejoices in the purity of their aromas. But be patient, that is just the start of an aromatic odyssey. Juniper berries pop like champagne bubbles lifting the senses to a place they have never been. With a little time and aeration Juniper and Coriander enter the scene bringing the depth and distinction that one expects from a high quality Gin. As the spirit evolves further, the taste receptors are going crazy with anticipation, but they will have to wait as White Aspen and Riberry join the party. Add a little Lily Pilly and Dorrigo Pepper leaf and now your getting there. It’s an incredible beguiling ground breaking aromatic exploration.” Flavours "All the above are a precursor for what you are about to experience on the palate. A brilliant combination of Licorice, Aniseed and Wild Ginger captivate and totally seduce the palate, which is not complaining, it’s totally captivated. However after some 15 minutes of sipping a brilliant beguiling flavour of native Raspberries dusted with Macadamias emerged bringing a fabulous contrast to the above. What an adventure, in many ways, a journey back in time to the rainforest"

Hickson Rd Australian Dry Gin

Influenced by the traditional London Dry style gin but uniquely Australian. Featuring juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, orris root, liquorice root, orange peel, Oolong tea, Australian native thyme, finger lime and aniseed myrtle. Makes for a delicious citrusy martini. BOTANICALS: Juniper, Coriander seed, Angelica Root, Orris Root, Liquorice Root, Orange peel, Oolong Tea, Native thyme, Finger lime, Aniseed myrtle AROMA: Juniper-forward followed by sherbet-like citrus and herbal notes FLAVOUR: Round and complex, juicy citrus with herbal aniseed leading into a lingering earthy finish FINISH: Vibrant palate coating viscosity. Bright, citrusy, savoury and moreish

Mountain Goat Hopped Gin

We’re not shy about our love for big, hoppy beers, so it felt natural that our first gin release should use hops as a balanced part of the spirit. This might be a brewer's gin, but it's one that's been made for everyone who enjoys great craft spirits. Inspired by the classic London-Dry style, our Hopped Gin is juniper-forward with strong resinous, citrus, and herbal notes. At first sip there is a subtle heat from the native pepper berry, which leads into resinous, piney flavours from the juniper and hops. A rounded citrus and coriander profile presents itself on the mid-palate, adding a pleasant herbal warmth before the florals kick in for that unmistakeable finish. This is a versatile gin that be can served with a tonic on ice, and most citrus garnishes to complement the subtle resinous flavours of the juniper and cascade hops.

Newcastle Distilling Dry Gin

We start with our handcrafted, triple distilled vodka, a traditonal blend of botanicals with a refreshing addition of Lemon Myrtle and Green Tea. Resulting in this crisp, dry gin which is sure to take your martinis to the next level.

R.T. Legacy Spirit Distilling Co. Pride Classic Dry Gin

Pride This gin celebrates the LGBTIQ+ community, its strength, and its beauty. For the rainbow folk around the world, this one's for you, because love has no limits. We made it with love. We made it with pride. The Gin A wonderful blend of lavender and rose bursts out from the top and is rounded out by some ginger, cinnamon, and citrus notes. Serve on the rocks with some fresh citrus and icy cold tonic.

Jameson Irish Whiskey Smooth Dry & Lime

Jameson Smooth Dry & Lime is a unique blend of smooth triple distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey with perfectly balanced Dry & Lime makes for a refreshing twist on this classic combination. Enjoy chilled from the bottle or over ice.

Smirnoff Ice Double Black

A refreshing and extra strong blend of Smirnoff Vodka and tangy citrus flavoured soda.

Nelson County Bourbon & Cola

Nelson County 6% Bourbon & Cola is the new premium Bourbon in town! Using Bourbon aged for longer, Nelson County 6% has a gentle, smooth, sweet vanillan taste with a rich finish that points to the extra quality and increased strength of this traditional American spirit.

Southern Comfort & Cola

This pre-mix of Southern Comfort and Cola is convenient and ready to drink for those Southern Comfort drinkers.

Vodka Cruiser Juicy Watermelon

Delicious juicy watermelon flavours combined with Vodka Cruiser's trademark premium triple distilled Vodka combine to make a subtle yet juicy flavoured, extremely refreshing drink perfect for summer.