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Stockade Brew Co Splicer XPA

This rich in flavour beer was brewed using a perfect blend of carefully selected hops. True to form, we couldn’t just settle for a straight XPA, so we added grapefruit to the mix, creating a smashable thirst-quencher.

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Akasha Brewing Company Hopsmith IPA

Hopsmith is a West Coast style IPA and all about the hops. Triple dry-hopped, the all American grown hop varieties are allowed to shine with citrus, pine, fruity notes and a nice dry, bitter finish.

Atomic Hazy

Pale & opaque with a rocky white head. Bursting with big aroma of citrus, tropical fruit and a light herbal note.

Willie The Boatman Nectar Of The Hops IPA Can

A big and juicy IPA but low on bitterness at 18 IBUs. Late additions give you the beautiful sweet and fruity Nectar of the Hops.. The beer has a piney, passionfruit nose and a smooth, creamy mouthfeel from the addition of oats and wheat. The hops give the beer beautiful tropical fruit flavours with hints of pineapple, mango and lychees. Nectar of the Hops is perfect beer for our warmer months. Malts: Pale, Munich, Oats, & Wheat Hops: Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, & Mosaic

Mountain Culture Status Quo Pale Ale

Status Quo is a juicy New England Pale Ale. Made for hop lovers with massive late and dry hop additions, it's full flavoured and more tropical than the Hawaiian ukulele orchestra.

Jervis Bay Brewing Co Bright Idea XPA Can

This take on the XPA style beefs up the body (of the beer that is, not you), and uses just a single hop throughout. If you’re going for one you might as well make it a good one, so choose Citra. It hasn’t been hopped it to oblivion, instead allowing for the addition of crystal malt to express and balance the assertive bitterness. Of course it's been dry hopped generously, so there’s plenty of aroma there too!

Mountain Culture Cult IPA

A New England IPA that's bursting with our favourite new world hops, tropical fruit notes, and a pillowy body. It's so entrancing it might just brainwash you into selling everything you own, growing a ponytail and starting a mind-bending drum circle.

Sanctus Brewing Co Big River XPA Can

To quench a big thirst, you need something even bigger to hit the spot. Heavy hitting hops with big citrus notes and a malty backbone. Big on hops, big on flavour – Big River XPA. It’s beer you’ll fall in love with.

Young Henrys Ginger Beer 4x4x375mL

Jervis Bay Brewing Co Cow & Calf Tropical Pale Ale Can

As if living in the beautiful surrounds of Jervis Bay isn’t enough, we’re treated to the annual spectacle of migrating humpback mothers and babies dropping into the calm waters of the bay for a rest and play on the long journey south. To celebrate the whales’ return to the Southern Ocean we’ve created the Cow and Calf Pale Ale. Loaded with tropical Kiwi hops that deliver peach, lychee, and hints of citrus, this is a perfect brew for lazing in the sun in our beer garden.

Jervis Bay Brewing Co Point Pert Pilsner Can

An old-school classic style meets the new world in our twist on a pilsner. Cool fermented with European yeast for a dry, crisp finish but with flavour and aroma imparted through delicate use of New Zealand Motueka hops, this pils has plenty to interest craft beer enthusiasts yet is accessible to all. Just like the famous Jervis Bay climbing mecca it’s named after, this beer is straight up and heaps of fun.