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Matilda Bay Redback Original - Related products

Mountain Goat Very Enjoyable Beer

For almost 21 years Mountain Goat has been a pioneer of the craft beer industry. 'GOAT is a simple, no-nonsense craft beer, with stripped back complexity; no crazy beer styles, no hop names. Its just GOAT. And its very enjoyable.

Zytho JuniperWheat Beer

Zytho brewing was inspired by the term zythophile, meaning a person who loves all things beer. Before discovering hops, brewers flavoured beer with fruit, herbs and berries. Inspired by the past, Zytho’s zythophiles crafted this strictly limited-release beer that delights the palate with subtle herbal complexity and refreshes with juniper's earthy and bitter taste.

Heads of Noosa Lager 3.5

Our Lager 3.5 is a refreshing mid-strength beer brewed with a blend of specialty malts and fermented cold for a clean and crisp mouthfeel. This beer is filtered, making it easy on the eye and the palate. Full-flavoured, but with 3.5% ABV you can stay for one more

Heads of Noosa Summer Dusk Amber Lager

The Summer Dusk is an Amber Lager inspired by beautiful summer evenings in our backyard of Noosa, where the sky explodes with colour. This Lager is refreshing and full-flavoured, boasting a fine amount of specialty dark malts balanced by tropical fruit hop flavours and aromas.

HIX Pale Ale

The Hix Pale Ale is an American style pale ale, rich malt complexity is balanced using a blend of New World hops which lend aromas of stone fruits, citrus and lychee. Golden orange in colour with a soft sweetness earns this beer a cult following.

HIX Summer

Straw in colour, this beer has a bready malt flavour, lifted passionfruit hop aromatics with a fresh and lively finish but with minimal bitterness.

HIX Brown

This English Brown ale, is a style made with chocolate & dark crystal malted barley used in its brewing. This results in luscious toffee & chocolate nut aromas with a soft lingering mouth feel.

HIX Pilsener

A German Pilsener brewed using pilsener malt which produces subtle aromas and flavours of bread or crackers. The German hops provide the element of bitterness and floral flavours. That, combined with the high carbonation makes this beer a drink for all occasions.


Our Red Indian Pale Ale (IPA) is a full bodied caramel coloured brew offering hoppy, spicy and intensely fruity flavours, and named to represent our Escape Brewing home.

Colossal Brewing Astral Drift Wheat Beer Can

Float higher and higher on the weightless void of gravity and experience an out of world taste with Colossal Brewings Astral Drift. It is a new dimension of unexpected flavour as deep as a black hole and as exciting as a shooting star. Pale straw in colour with a light haze, this wheat beer sings with aromas of citrus hops, freshly baked biscuit malt while the palate is medium-bodied, with fresh and crisp citrus characters, baked bread flavours and a soft cloud mouthfeel finish with a hint of bitterness. Get on this Astral Drift of brewing excellence. We dare you to come down to earth with this.