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Little Creatures Rogers Beer - Related products

LoCal Spiked IcedTeaPeach

Low cal(orie), low sugar, locally sourced and made.

Jack Daniel's American Serve No Sugar Cola

Small can, big whiskey taste. Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee whiskey perfectly mixed with no sugar cola to 10% ABV. American Serve No Sugar is a double pour of Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee whiskey with just a splash of no sugar cola. For those who appreciate a bolder expression of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee whiskey with a less sweet mixer. Enjoy chilled or poured over ice.

Manly Spirits Watermelon Lychee Vodka & Soda

A refreshing vodka soda partnered with the ultimate summer duo; juicy watermelon & sweet lychee. No added sugar, low calories, all the flavour. A balanced blend of Manly Spirits Native Lime Vodka, distilled on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, paired with a touch of native River mint and splashings of sparkling soda. Enjoy chilled straight from this bespoke glass bottle or pour over ice & add a sprig of mint to garnish. Experience Nature in a Bottle with just one sip.

Manly Spirits Rainforest Lime with Finger Lime Vodka & Soda

A classic Vodka Soda with a burst of native Aussie limes. No added sugar, low calories, all the flavour. We traded our thongs for rainforest boots to hunt down Australia's weirdest and most wonderful native limes to give this vodka soda the punchy lime kick it deserves. And these rainforest & finger limes dont disappoint! A delicious concoction of our Northern Beaches distilled vodka paired with (you guessed it!) native limes, a light sprinkle of fresh mint and lengthened with sparkling soda that just hits the spot on a warm summers day. We could go on let your tastebuds be the judge. Enjoy chilled straight from this bespoke glass bottle or pour over ice & add a slice of lime to garnish (or real-life finger lime if you're feeling fancy!). Experience Nature in a Bottle with just one sip.

Billson's Vodka Fruit Tangle

Billson's Vodka Fruit Tangle is hand crafted in Beechworth Victoria and is made with Billson's famous pure alpine spring water. It has been perfectly blended with the finest ingredients to create a light, sparkling mixed spirit that's ready to drink wherever you are.

Manly Spirits Berry Blush Gin & Tonic

A light Gin & Tonic with all the good stuff and none of the guilt. No added sugar, low Calories, all The Flavour. A berry-fied fusion of our classic Manly Spirits Australian Dry Gin and a punchy blend of wild blackberries, tropical hibiscus flowers and Australian native Lemon Myrtle leaf, paired with a gently sparkling tonic. Enjoy chilled straight from this bespoke glass bottle or serve over ice & garnish with any berries that spark your senses! Experience Nature in a Bottle with just one sip

W Seltzer Juicy Peach

W Seltzer is a refreshingly different, naturally brewed, sparkling alcoholic drink. Crisp, clean and refreshing, with a hint of peach and no nasty stuff. Wayward Brewing Co. has spent the past year perfecting our brewed Seltzer recipe, resulting in a product that is crystal clear, naturally low in sugar and carbs, and gluten free.

Feral Brewing Co XPA Can Single

Feral XPA has been carefully and dutifully crafted to deliver pineapple notes that trail off into sweet fruit. Rounding out with a medium body, this XPA is highly sessionable, yet dripping with juicy tropical and stonefruit notes, think apricot, papaya and guava. True to Ferals pioneering history, weve utilized CRYO HOPS in this recipe, which delivers an unparalleled taste through the concentration of lupulin, while also maximizing the aroma impact.

Bundaberg OP Rum & Cola

Australia's own 'Over Proof' dark Rum is perfectly blended with cola for your drinking pleasure.

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin & Tonic

Cult-favourite Bloody Shiraz Gin has found its newest home in a can. To maintain full flavour while keeping the serve to one standard drink, Four Pillars distilled a special super botanical gin to use as the base. A bespoke tonic was also crafted from scratch to complement the natural sweetness and spice, plus added lemon so it tastes like youve garnished your G&T with a slice of fresh lemon.