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Kona Brewing Co Wailua Wheat - Related products

Zytho JuniperWheat Beer

Zytho brewing was inspired by the term zythophile, meaning a person who loves all things beer. Before discovering hops, brewers flavoured beer with fruit, herbs and berries. Inspired by the past, Zytho’s zythophiles crafted this strictly limited-release beer that delights the palate with subtle herbal complexity and refreshes with juniper's earthy and bitter taste.

Alfa Hellenic Lager

Alfa Beer is one of the oldest brands of beer in Greece. Alfa's character is gentle and perfectly balanced, both tasty and aromatic. That's why it fits in perfectly with tender meats and seafood. It is a Blonde Light Lager. Cool, refreshing, rich in foam, and easy to blend perfectly with Greek flavours.

Mountain Goat Very Enjoyable Beer

For almost 21 years Mountain Goat has been a pioneer of the craft beer industry. 'GOAT is a simple, no-nonsense craft beer, with stripped back complexity; no crazy beer styles, no hop names. Its just GOAT. And its very enjoyable.

DE HALVE MAAN Brugse Zot Blond

Classic Belgian blond, quite similar to Leffe Blond, but artisanally brewed in Bruges.

Heads Of Noosa Black Japanese Lager

The Japanese Black Lager utilises dark malts to provide flavours of chocolate and roasted barley, the addition of rice makes the beer crisp and light on the palate and ultra sessionable. The perfect balance of delicate and dark.

East Bendigo Brewing Co Draught

Our no nonsense Australian style lager, made to taste the way Aussie lagers should.

Heads of Noosa Lager 3.5

Our Lager 3.5 is a refreshing mid-strength beer brewed with a blend of specialty malts and fermented cold for a clean and crisp mouthfeel. This beer is filtered, making it easy on the eye and the palate. Full-flavoured, but with 3.5% ABV you can stay for one more

HIX Brown

This English Brown ale, is a style made with chocolate & dark crystal malted barley used in its brewing. This results in luscious toffee & chocolate nut aromas with a soft lingering mouth feel.

HIX Double Choc Porter

A rich, dark chocolate beer with loads of cocoa and dark chocolate malts to enliven the palate. A perfect dessert beer or just one for the chocoholics amongst us.

Hobart Brewing Co Little Pine Hazy IPA

There's a place between heavy and light, north and south, east and west. Little Pine. A session hazy IPA that balances full juicy hop character with restrained abv. Named for Little Pine Lagoon, the little body of water at Tassie's center.