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Disaronno Amaretto Originale - Related products

Tia Maria

With its intiguing blend of smooth coffee and vanilla tones, Tia Maria's secret Jamaican recipe reveals a timeless allure. Enjoy the deliciously versatile taste of Tia Maria mixed with milk or cola, splashed over ice or enjoyed it in coffee.

Disaronno Amaretto Liqueur

Created by a “beautiful young woman” , this ancient amber coloured Italian Liqueur dates back to 1525. It was gifted to the artist ‘Bernardino Luini’, a member of the Leonardo da Vinci School. The said “beautiful woman” was subsequently immortalised by Luini in a renowned fresco in Saronno (although, the true source of Luini’s inspiration remains a matter of some speculation.) Commercial production of the recipe was begun in the 18th Century by the Reina family in their apothecary shop in Saronno. There are seventeen ingredients in all. The nose displays spirity almond and spice aromas. DiSarrono's natural apricot fruit sweetness is subtly countered by the addition of crushed almonds. Beautifully balanced, the lush, full-bodied palate explodes in flavour on the mid palate finishing with fantastic persistence. A liqueur with universal appeal, enjoyable in coffee, on the rocks or in a range of cocktails. 20% Alc./Vol. Further notes... Deep amber. Rich marzipan and vanilla nose. A rich attack leads a supple, velvety palate with lightly sweet almond and caramel flavors. Finishes for a mile with waves of complex, nutty flavor. An elegant classic. 92 points (Exceptional) - Try a “Splash”: 1/3 DiSarrono; 2/3 Orange Juice; garnish with an orange slice or lime wedge and serve over ice.

Italicus Rosolio Di Bergamotto

The goal from the outset for Italicus was to create a spirit that had exceptional provenance. All the ingredients are 100% Italian, taking the best examples from different regions: Bergamot from Calabria; Cedro from Sicilia; Roman Camomile from Tuscany; Lavender, Gentian, Yellow Roses and Melissa Balm from Piemonte. Our neutral grain spirits are also Italian. Even our cap and bottle are made in Italy. And we do not add any refined sugar or syrup, instead we naturally sweeten our liqueur with a natural brown sugar (cane sugar) in order to respect the Rosolio production process as it was back in the 15th Century. In Italicus everything is natural, everything is Italian.

Averna Amaro Siciliano Liqueur

A centuries old tincture from Sicily, Averna Amaro walks that fine line between bitter and sweet so well. Drink after your meal as a digestive.

Strega Liquore

Liquore Strega is soft, smooth and bittersweet with herbs & vanilla in a delicate balance. Such a lovely drink can, and should be enjoyed any time.

Caffo Vecchio Amaro del Capo

A mix of twenty-nine herbs, flowers, fruits and roots local to Calabria, Italy, are blended to make this unique Calabrian spirit. It combines the bittersweet taste of oranges, along with the delicacy of orange blossom and chamomile, and the intensity of liquorice, peppermint and aniseed. All combined in a single, unique and secret recipe.

Galliano Liquore

The original taste of Italy. Golden Yellow in colour with a light green hue. Galliano Vanilla is made from a selection of more than 30 herbs and spices such as star anise, juniper, musk yarrow, ginger, lavender and last but not least, the delicate and smooth flavour of vanilla - with a process of seven infusions and six distillations. HARVEY WALLBANGER 15mL Galliano Vanilla Liquore 50mL Russian Standard Vodka 120mL orange juice Orange peel to garnish Ice Method 1. Build all ingredients into an ice-filled glass. 2. Stir to combine. 3. Add orange peel to garnish.

Villa Massa Limoncello

Villa Massa is the authentic all-natural Limoncello based on the traditional family recipe that dates back to 1890. Villa Massa Limoncello uses only the peels of organically grown PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) Sorrento Lemons from Italy, which are rich in essential oils, and top quality natural ingredients to give this Limoncello of Sorrentio its unique flavour. With no preservatives, flavourings, colouring agents, gluten and GMO.

Amaro Lucano

Amaro Lucano was created in 1894 from a secret recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation in the Vena family. Thanks to the skillful blend of more than 30 herbs it has a decisive taste that is perfect for all occasions.

Montenegro Amaro

Amaro Montenegro, 'the liqueur of the virtues', was created in 1885 thanks to the lengthy, impassioned experiments of a famous distiller and herbalist, Stanislao Cobianchi. The name Montenegro is a dedication to the beautiful princess Elena of Montenegro, who was engaged to Victor Emanuel III. In its over 100 years of history, Amaro Montenegro has seen its success grow continuously up to the present day, now being one of the leading brands on the Italian market. It can be enjoyed straight, with soda water and lemon rind, or hot, as well as in various combinations in modern cocktails.