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Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

An innovative approach to twice-barrelled bourbon creates the rich and colourful flavour of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. Uniquely matured in separate, charred oak barrels – the second barrel deeply toasted before a light charring – extracts additional amounts of soft, sweet oak character.

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Jim Beam White Label Bourbon

Originally distilled in 1795, Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is an icon. Distilled using only the finest products, Jim Beam continues to be at the top of its class today.

High West Rendezvous Rye Whiskey

High West is Utahs first distillery since 1870 and the worlds only ski-in gastro distillery. Hand-numbered labels adorn hand-blown glass bottles with wooden-topped cork stoppers. The whiskeys are all 46% and not chill-filtered. High West Rendezvous Rye is a marriage of two straight rye whiskies: an exotic 6-year-old with a 95% rye and 5% barley malt mash bill, and a very rare 16-year-old with an 80% rye, 10% corn, 10% barley mash bill.

Jack Daniel's Old No 7 Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel's is one of the very few Tennessee Whiskies that is charcoal mellowed. Jack Daniel's has a smooth aroma and flavour of vanilla, toasted oak and caramel translates well to the palate. A true American icon that has not only become a favourite here in Australia because of their flavoursome whiskeys, but also with their involvement in V8 Supercar racing with the Jack Daniel's Racing Team. Available here in a convenient 1L bottle.

The Chita Japanese Whisky

Made with diverse unblended whisky brewing techniques and master craftsmanship developed over many years, this single grain whisky features a light and delicately sweet fragrance.

Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

" can buy me a dozen of these roses any day of the week." - Produced from a mashbill of 60% corn, 35% rye, and 5% malted barley, the strain of yeast used for the Single Barrel bottlings is Four Roses' version “V” which is described as being "delicately fruity, spicy, and creamy." (The distillery is unique in that it uses five different strains to create ten different whiskies). Ages will vary in this series, (a seven year minimum is cited by one source). Regardless, the aim is to bottle when the whiskeys are deemed to have reached their peak, with each barrel yielding approximately 180 bottles. Each release is individually marked with a warehouse and barrel number which is not predictable and subject to change without notice. It's also part of the fun: No two barrels create identical tasting Bourbons, thus the single barrel concept provides the opportunity to appreciate and compare whiskies from different barrels and aging locations. [Barrel RN 8-4R tasted] Bright burnished copper penny colour. A robust Bourbon sniff with a dense core of vanilla custard and caramel fudge overlaid with peppermint, balsa wood, cocoa and hints of cherry. Concentrated yet controlled with razor sharp sweet/dry balance; a burst of vanillan oak, honey and spiced peach, offset by a tangy, vibrant finish. Glace cherry is followed by late mint freshness. Text-book poise and length. As complete a Bourbon as you could expect to find in its category, this really over delivers. 50% Alc./Vol.

High West Whiskey Double Rye

Our distinctive Double Rye embodies a harmonious balance of bold rye spice with bright botanical notes that simultaneously showcase layers of freshness and complexity. A blend of column and pot-still whiskies aged a minimum of two years. Curated to highlight the wonderful, bold spice character that comes from high rye whiskies as well as a refreshing botanical brightness. A unique and balanced flavour profile of cinnamon, gingersnaps, juniper, mint sprigs, and fresh wildflower honey. Blended to be boldly sipped, stirred, and savoured. Double Rye stands on its own in cocktails, but is great served neat, with a little water, or on the rocks. Its spirited flavor fortifies classic cocktails like the Manhattan and Old Fashioned. We recommend it for most occasions - sipping it in solitude by a campfire, savoring with favorite old friends, or sharing it with a good-looking stranger. Nose: Mint, clove, cinnamon, licorice root, pine nuts, and dark chocolate, with a surprising dose of gin botanicals throughout. Taste: Rye spices up front, then menthol, mint, eucalyptus, herbal tea with wildflower honey and all spice.

Bushmills 16 Year Old Irish Malt Whiskey

Aromas are big and robust with a touch of treacle toffee and sweet spice. This whiskey is full boded, it's dominate by praline, honey and caramelised fruits and toasted nuts. The finish is deep and is jammed with berries and dark chocolate.

Bushmills 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Bushmills Single Malt Whiskey 16 year old is aged for 16 years in a combination of Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon-seasoned casks, then matured for several months in port wine barrels. The unique maturation process gives this single malt its distinct notes of juicy fruits, nuts and spice, as well as a hint of ruby redness. Its best enjoyed neat or over ice.

Blanton's Single Barrel Special Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Blanton's Special Reserve is ideal for those new to Single Barrel Bourbons. A sweeter taste profile with aromas of dry citrus, raisin and light vanilla, finishing with crisp spicy notes and a hint of cinnamon apple.

Blanton's Original Private Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

Taken from the centre-cut or middle sections of the famous Warehouse H, Blanton's Original was once designated for ambassadors, dignitaries, and Colonel Blanton's family and friends. Today, everyone has access to the world's first single barrel bourbon. The taste profile is sweet with citrus and oak. A creamy vanilla nose features hints of nuts, caramel, orange and light chocolate. Blanton's Original set the standard for single barrel bourbons. Best served neat or on the rocks.