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Newy Distillery Purple Aurora - Related products

The Mixology Company Margarita

Authentic tequila combined with triple sec and tangy Australian limes, bringing to life the original, fresh and crisp taste explosion. Garnish the rim of the glass with lime wedge and add salt for extra punch. Served chilled over ice.

Bloom & Blossom Australian Gin

Australian grown lemon myrtle, coriander seed and orange peel. Oris Root and Macedonian Juniper. Distiled in Australia.

NED Australian Whisky

NED is distilled from select Australian grain and matured until it has a boldness and character that befits its name. This limited First Batch is fiercely independent and unlike anything that has come before it.

White Possum Australian Rum Tasting Set

This Australian Rum Tasting Set showcases the best of Aussie craft rum, featuring small-batch rums from far flung distilleries in north-western WA, south-western WA, rural NSW and the Adelaide Hills. An accompanying tasting booklet describes each distillery and their rums in intimate detail. Includes 6 x 30mL bottles; 1x 'Ord River Overproof' by Hoochery Distillery, 1x 'Dead Man's Drop' by Stone Pine Distillery, 1x 'Canefire' by Kimberley Rum Company, 1x 'Gunnery Spiced White Rum' by Adelaide Hills Distillery, 1x 'Bushtucker Spiced'' by Illegal Tender Rum Co and 1x '1866 Tumbulgum Rum' by Husk Distillery.

Morris Rutherglen Sherry Barrel Finished Single Malt Australian Whisky

The team behind Morris Distillery has over six generations of craftsmanship in winemaking, blending and aging passed down through bloodline. This has allowed them to really master the production of the truly remarkable flavour in their Australian Single Malt Whisky. Maturated in a combination of French and American oak ex-Australian red wine casks and finished in barrels that have held our Morris of Rutherglen 10yr-Aged Amber Apera (Sherry). The Aged Amber is a full flor fino, produced predominantly from the Palomino grape. It exhibits a drier style, showing elegance and complexity from years of long-term aging in cask, making it a beautiful compliment to the whisky. The result is a well integrated and very approachable Australian single malt which the broad whisky consumer can embrace. A nose of Spun toffee, baked fruit flan with peach compote and fresh sherry cask notes. A well-structured whisky with subtle spice, toasted nut and clean oak characters, candied lemon with gentle sage and marjoram herbal notes.

Lark Distillery Strength Single Malt Whisky

Lark Distillery Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky is complex and driven by oily malt, highlighting the true benefits of small cask ageing. Maple syrup and notes of Tasmanian peat build across the palate to a big finish. Bill Lark's dream of producing whisky in Tasmania began on a fishing trip to the highland lakes. Bill not only created the original Australian single malt whisky, he pioneered an industry and set the benchmark for the style and quality that makes Tasmania famous. So here's to the man they call the Godfather of Australian Whisky.

Corowa Characters Wine Single Malt Whisky

Corowa Characters pays homage to the four “lads” who make up the production team at Corowa Distilling Co. They are very serious about producing a world class product with a cheeky attitude that doesn’t take the industry, or themselves, as seriously. This whisky is combination of American, French, & Hungarian wine casks that have come together to produce a very approachable, flavoursome drink at a very attractive price point for an Australian single malt.

Starward Australian Whisky

The Starward Australian Whisky Gift Pack is the perfect gift this holiday season. This pack includes 3x 200ml bottles of class Starward Australian Whiskies - Two-Fold Double Grain Australian Whisky, NOVA Single Malt Australian Whisky, & FORTIS Single Malt Australian Whisky. Two-Fold Double Grain Starward Two-Fold Double Grain Whisky is a flavourful Australian whisky matured in Australian red wine barrels. This ambitious expression marries two quintessentially Australian grains - wheat and malted barley - and elementally matures them in Melbourne's intensely reactive climate. Two-Fold promises to deliver an approachable whisky, with bright aromas of spiced vanilla, tropical fruits and cereals. The palate is rounded carrying hints of red apples and berries. The finish is delicate with soft tannins and lingering red fruits. This is a whisky for any occasion; neat by the fire, on ice to celebrate, mixed up in a perfect Manhattan. Two-Fold is made for the sharing cabinet, so enjoy with friends and family. Nova Single Malt Winner of Best Australian Whisky Innovator and crowned Best Craft Distilled Whisky in the world in 2016, Starward Nova Single Malt Whisky is an impeccable reflection of what whisky can be. This unique expression draws most of its influence from the vibrancy of Australian red wines. For this whisky, Australian red wine barrels have been individually selected and kept exactly as they leave the winery to take advantage of a uniquely Australian red wine profile. The barrels are not charred, to retain the wine to oak character. Fortis Single Malt Starward Fortis (Latin for "Strong") has been fully matured in 100% American oak ex red wine barrels, predominantly sourced from the Barossa Valley Wine Region. This single malt whisky is full-bodied, flavour-forward, and maintains intense ripe fresh fruit and wine flavours extracted from the barrel staves. The finish is long and captures the palate with flavours of ripe figs, raisins, and vanilla toasted oak.

Hellyers Road 10 Year Old Original Single Malt Whisky

Hellyers Road Distillery, situated on the picturesque northern Tasmanian coast line, was established in 1997 and is Australia's largest distiller of Australian single malt whisky. Named after Henry Hellyer who was one of the first explorers to set foot in the interior north of the then Van Dieman's Land. This 10 Year Old single malt whisky is Hellyers flagship product and is distilled from Tasmanian grown malted barley, pure rainwater and yeast. American White Oak barrels are used to mature this bespoke malt that delivers a smooth and balanced taste.

Starward Whisky

Utilising centuries of knowledge and tradition, yet not restricted by it, Starward is the brainchild of David Vitale who set out to harness the very best of Australia's barley, barrels and climate to create the ultimate new world whisky. Years of experimentation, adjustment, trial and even more adjustment has created Starward, a whisky that will challenge your perceptions of what Whisky can be. Artisan Victorian barley is sourced to begin the bespoke process which ends up in aged Australian Apera casks that have been re-coopered, re-toasted and re-sized. All of which help create a Whisky of smoothness, sweetness and unparalleled complexity.