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Kaiju! Krush Tropical Pale Ale - Related products

Two Bays Brewing Pale Ale

This Pale Ale is an easy-drinking American hopped beer with subtle, but beautiful citrus aromas. Brewed with malted millet, rice and buckwheat.

Two Bays Brewing Co Gluten Free XPA

A bright and punchy XPA with citrus aromatics on a crisp palette.

Hawkers Beer Hazy IPA

Tropical, juicy, and delightfully hazy! Punchy hop vibes take the front seat, defining the dominant character of the beer while a rounded body and low bitterness provide the perfect backdrop for the hops to shine their brightest. The future is hazy!

Hawkers Beer IPA

This bold IPA has a refreshing bitterness and great malt body. The hops shine through with big tropical and dank notes.

Hawkers Beer Beneath The Trees, We Gather Yuzu & Plum Kettle Sour

Our plum and yuzu kettle sour is an absolute delight with explosive bursts of flavour and a sense of the Orient. This beer is as complex as it is delicious, combining sweet juicy plums with zesty citrusy yuzu.

Hawkers Beer West Coast IPA

The West Coast style has never been accused of subtlety—it’s audacious, unruly, and it definitely doesn’t wait around for pleasantries. Unapologetic quantities of American and Kiwi hops deliver punchy floral aromas with notes of citrus, pine, and resin.

Stonebarn Truffle Pale Ale

Our Stonebarn Truffle Pale Ale Beer is made from Australian Pale Ale malt and Light Caramel malts with a blend of Australian and American hops. The light malt ensures that the flavour of the hops and Black Perigord Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) is not too overpowering, giving the beer a milder truffle taste. The Pale Ale is brewed to be more sessionable with a lower alcohol content. This combination produces a lighter copper colour and reduces the bitterness to 23 BUs.

Rueston Beer Premium Crafted Summer Ale

Light bodied with a gentle bitterness, soft fruity hop aroma and a dry crisp finish. This premium craft beer offers an irreplaceable drinking experience. Pairing wonderfully with various foods, roast meats, indulgent desert, long cold nights...

Coopers Sparkling Ale

Australian made and owned. Coopers Sparkling Ale is brewed and fermented using a unique method of top fermentation and natural bottle conditioning. Coopers are famous for this process which leaves a natural residue of yeast during maturation and gives a cloudy appearance with an enhanced flavour. No additives, no preservatives.

Isekado Ise Kadoya Pale Ale

This beer expertly blends together 3 types of hops for a delightful aroma, reminiscent of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Subtle malt richness and sweetness provide a pleasant flavour, enveloped in a gentle bitterness. Its clean mouth feel and refreshing aftertaste are sure to please. Its achievements are noteworthy, with two consecutive golds at the International Brewing Award, the longest running international beer competition and one of the most prestigious and authoritative.