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Innocent Bystander Non-Vintage Moscato - Related products

Whispers Pink Moscato

Lush and fruity, this plush pink number will have you puckering up for more. More sweet pineapple, more juicy strawberry, more friends to come over and get the party started.

Fiore Moscato

In the glass: Pale lemon.On the nose: Bright and clean lift with lemon and tropicals. On the palate: Rich and velvety with a mouth-watering mix of yellow and white fruits, touches of chalky phenolics and musk-like length. There's a clean frizzante spritz throughout.

Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa

From sweet wine experts, Brown Brothers' Moscato Rosa is salmon pink in colour with Turkish Delight and citrus blossom on the nose. Sweet fruit palate with flavours of rosewater and fresh grapes, and a light spritz which adds appealing zip and zing.

Tatenokawa Kodakara Kanjyuku Nanko Umeshu Ume Plum Daiginjo Japanese Sake

Kodakara Umeshu (Japanese Ume Plum Daiginjo Sake) is made by the Junmai Daiginjo master at Tatenokawa Shuzo. It is made from the finest Nanko Ume Plums and combined with Tatenokawa Junmai Daiginjo Sake and Shochu made from the lees (Sake Kasu) of the same sake and sugar. The result is rich, sweet flavour perfectly balancing the tarness of the plums. Kodakara Umeshu is best served chilled and straight up, on the rocks, or with soda. Wonderfully refreshing as a spiritzer. It is suitable as an aperitif, dessert wine or simply enjoyed at the end of a long day!

West Coast Cooler Original

West Coast Cooler is a wine based cooler with exotic fruit flavours. Its crisp, balanced taste are complemented with hints of exotic fruits and an effervescent finish, making it a refreshing alternative to beer or cider.

Brown Brothers Moscato

One of Australia's favourite Moscatos, the Brown Brothers Moscato is a delightful reminder of of the warmer months with its aromas of musk and freshly crushed grapes. Wonderfully spritzy on the palate, this aromatic sweet white has abundant flavours of sherbet and crunchy tropical fruits. Enjoy chilled with great friends.

Whispers Sparkling Moscato

Bursting with fabulous fruit - luscious and ripe. This is perfect in the open air in the afternoon with a picnic, good tunes and your favourite people.

Whispers Sparkling Pink Moscato

Decadent pink fizz, bursting with berries, fairy floss and perfumed citrus blossom. This has party written all over it. Just add friends, and any floor's a dance floor.

Stone's Special Reserve Green Ginger Wine

Produced in England since 1740, Stones Green Ginger Wine has been made in Australia to the same ancient formula since the early 1960s. The character of the ginger is drawn out by infusing it for an extended period. This infusion is then added to a neutral dry white wine, before it is then blended further with other components to make one of the varieties of wines under the Stones family label. Deep golden brown in colour with intense pungent ginger and spice aromas. Fiery ginger flavours are balanced by a rich, unctuous sweetness.

Grant Burge 5th Generation Merlot

5th Generation Merlot is a ruby red coloured wine. Its nose gives off lifted aromas of dark cherries, red berries and lavender supported by spice and vanilla nuances. The ripe and full bodied palate is filled with blackberry and plum flavours integrated with plush tannins, leading to a delicate and lengthy finale. The cellaring potential of this wine is about 5 years. It matches well with pasta and red meat dishes.