McGuigan Zero Dry Rose

McGuigan Wines is going alcohol-free, well at least for these Zero range of wines. The varieties include shiraz, sparkling, rosé, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc and are now available at your local first Choice Liquor Market store. The wines were in development for over two years and use the latest spinning cone technology, working at low temperatures to gently remove alcohol after the fermentation process, ensuring the wines maintain their delicate fruit flavours. The wines were created to maintain strong varietal characteristic, it added, containing no artificial sweeteners or additives.

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The Stubborn Few Rose

This is a celebration of The Stubborn Few - A minority who, threw caution to the wind and forged the way for modern Australian wine making. One of them, a South Australian, defied preconceptions and invented wine cask, breaking the rules just to keep his wine fresh. A box makes perfect sense. Its airtight, economical and environmentally friendly. The Stubborn Few Rose is bright and displays fruity flavours of fresh strawberries and pink grapefruit. So kick back and raise a glass to thinking outside of the box.

All Walks Rose